The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 20, 1924
Fletcher's Rhode Island Booters Forced To Accept Defeat On Saturday

Bethlehem Steel's soccer team wiped out the big reverse it sustained at Providence a few weeks ago when it took Sam Fletcher's clan into camp on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon by the score of 3 goals to 1. During the entire first half play was of such a one-sided character that the fans were wondering just how it was possible for Providence to register its 4 to 1 victory over Bethlehem.

Only four times during the half was Carson called upon, to clear his goal, the first raid of Providence being productive of a goal. Providence played with ten men during the entire second half due to Renfrew being severely injured in a crash with McDonald. Peculiar as it seemed, however, Providence played a better game during the second half.

Bethlehem started off with a continuous pressure in the visitors' territory and after six minutes of play Grainger scored a beautiful goal on a pass from Goldie. Pressure was continued in the vicinity of Surgener but the custodian was equal to all demands. After fifteen minutes of play Providence got away for the first time and Renfrew registered the visitors' lone tally with a header. The goal was a direct result of a misunderstanding between Carson and D. Ferguson. The latter went through the motions of going up for the ball within the six-yard line but changed his mind and Carson remained on his goal line because of the threat.

Bethlehem continued to have most of the play, and midway through the half Archie Stark put Bethlehem ahead on a cross from Forrest. Repeated corners were fruitless to add to the score and the team turned around with Bethlehem far advanced in actual play but only one goal ahead in the scoring column.

The second half Providence was a much improved team in spite of the absence of Renfrew and the Bethlehem backs had much more work to do than in the previous session. The four forwards on the visiting line were unable to break through. Play was even for the first twenty-five minutes and then a spectacular run by Forrest up the right wing ended in the final tally of the game being registered in favor of Bethlehem.

The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Providence
Carson -- G -- Surgener
Young -- RFB -- Fletcher
Ferguson -- LFB -- Dinnie
McDonald -- RHB -- Neilson
MacGregor -- CHB -- Dicks
Robertson - -LHB -- Auld
Forrest -- OR -- Beattie
Grainger -- IR -- Abdullah
Stark -- CF -- Renfrew
Rollo -- IL -- Blair
Goldie -- OL -- Best
Goals: Grainger, Stark, Goldie, Renfrew. Referee: J. Walders, Philadelphia. Linesmen: Cooper and Easton. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club