The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, October 21, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Popularity of National Champions
Happened to be fanning on soccer the other day, when during the course of the conversation the popularity of the Bethlehem soccer team, national champions, was strongly attested. There have been many overtures made to the Steelmen for games other than t hose scheduled in the American Soccer League, several of which are of international flavor. The ultimate decision on a proposed game between Sparta and Bethlehem in New York City has not yet been made. Sparta and Bethlehem are ready to go through with the contest on October 31, but t he granting by the American Soccer League of the protest of Indiana must be raised before then. This is possible if Indiana Flooring withdraws its protest, which is based on infringement of territorial rights. Then there are games pending between All-Dominion-All-American teams, which if materializing, would certainly have a liberal quota of champions in the lineups; one suggested between United Ulster and Bethlehem, champions respectively of Canada and America, and other with a combined Bethlehem-Fall River aggregation against the Sparta Club of Chicago. Unfortunately these overtures are made for games on conflicting dates. Bethlehem will probably find opportunities in spite of its hard schedule to contribute to one or more of these games.

Sparta Game in Chicago
The suggested game between a combined Bethlehem-Fall River team to meet Sparta in Chicago is given serious consideration and is strongly favored. Bethlehem has league games on the dates suggested, but with its wealth of reserve talent, players who are capable of stepping into a breach at any time and upholding their end, it is quite possible for the champions to make a contribution of at least half a dozen players without in the least affecting the strength of the club for the league games. For, after all, it is the league victories that the champions are after.

Soccer at Night
Dr. George W. Orton, director of athletics at the Sequi-Centennial grounds, has a novel idea in mind and wants the Bethlehem soccer team to contribute to the program. It would only be fitting that t he National champions should contribute to anything in a soccer way to be conducted as an athletic feature on the Sesqui program. That is why Dr. Orton is negotiating with Bethlehem to play a soccer game in the huge stadium at night. With the brilliant system of high powered flood lights, a soccer game at night would be possible. The lights are so arranged that not a shadow is cast in the stadium. Bethlehem is considering the proposition and if a game is played it will probably be a mid-week affair.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club