Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 21, 1929
Steel Forwards All Over Goal But Fail to Register Winning Tally.

Those who journeyed to Lehigh field Saturday afternoon and witnessed Hispano of New York hold Bethlehem to a one goal tie in a scheduled Eastern League engagement witnessed plenty of action. It was one of those hair raising affairs, especially in the last fifteen minutes of the game when Bethlehem forwards did everything that is known on a soccer field except to score the winning goal.

Hispano won the toss and gave Bethlehem the job of kicking against a fresh wind. This helped Hispano and kept Beveridge, Gibson, Allan and Carnihan busy for forty-five minutes. Bethlehem, by good combination, threatened several times and Duncan saved from Stark while a little later Jaap missed by inches only. Hispano was always dangerous from their left wing as Deal and Malloy were getting in their work. There was always a Hispano player ready to swing the ball out to the left wing. Beveridge saved a ripping shot that was tagged for the net from Patterson, and a few minutes later Deal tested the Bethlehem goalie. Half time arrived without a score.

Restarting with the wind, Bethlehem immediately got to work and Duncan saved from Purgavie and Stark. It looked like a walkover for the locals especially when Stark opened the scoring after Jaap worked the ball down. This goal, however, proved to be Bethlehem's only score. Hispano went down on the left and Patterson kicked wide. Five minutes later Patterson kicked wide. Five minutes later Patterson sent out to Deal who was standing all alone. He went down crossed to Patterson, who shot and Beveridge saved.

Mullen, the Hispano halfback, returned the ball and Deal got hold close in and equalized with a fast shot. Bethlehem then started to play and from that goal on were all over Hispano. Miracles sometimes do happen, especially on soccer fields and it was certainly a miracle that Bethlehem did not score again. Gillespie was sent in in place of Henighan, but even this did not change the luck. Mullen at half, Prenter at back and Duncan in goal were a tower of strength to Hispano. The Bethlehem forwards adopted short passing, then tried individually, and the halves dropped the ball in front of Stark, but all to no avail. Shot after shot went over the crossbar and each side of the goal and what did come in goal Duncan cleared. One time Stark went right through for a sure goal, but Silva came from behind and brought Stark down and saved an almost certain goal at the expense of a corner. Bethlehem forced corner after corner, but never got the ball beyond Duncan. When the final whistle sounded, Hispano were still fighting, although a tired bunch.

Bethlehem (1) -- Hispano (1)
Beveridge -- G -- Duncan
Gibson -- RFB -- Prenter
Allan -- LFB -- Silva
McGregor -- RHB -- Mullen
Carnihan -- CHB -- Rodriguez
Robertson - -LHB -- Ferriero
Dick -- OR -- Finlay
Henighan -- IR -- Carnegie
Stark -- CF -- Patterson
Jaap -- IL -- Malloy
Purgavie -- OL -- Deal
Referee: J. H. Carpenter. Linesmen, Williams and Pepper. Goals: Stark and Deal. Substitutes, Gillespie for Henighan. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club