The Globe – Bethlehem
Monday, October 23, 1922
Bethlehem Plays Fleisher in Second Round Here – Fairhill to Entertain Southern Eleven

The draw for the second round of the National Cup soccer competition was made at New York yesterday. The Vikings F. C. won their protest against the New York club on account of the ineligibility of player Burnett and the game was ordered replayed and the New Yorkers fined $25.

The pairings for the second round to be played on the first named team’s grounds on or before Nov. 5 follows:

Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia: Bethlehem Steel vs. Fleisher Yarn, Fairhill vs. Patapsco Rangers or Baltimore or Norfolk.

New Jersey: Entre Nous vs. Paterson, American A. A. vs. Paterson Caledonians or Babcock and Wilcox.

Southern New England: J & P Coats vs. Fall River, Don Carlos vs. W. E. Polish or Whitman Mills, Grestone Vets vs. Fairlawn Rovers or Prospect Hill.

Northern Massachusetts and New Hampshire: Holyoke vs. Falco, General Electric vs. Roxbury, Mapleleaf vs. Fore River, Saw Sheen vs. Abbot Worsted.

Southern New York and Connecticut: Hispano vs. Danersk, Nassau vs. Ansonia, New York or Vikings vs. St. George, Yonkers Thistle or Brooklyn Wanderers vs. New York Edison or Brooklyn, Bay Ridge vs. Hartford Rovers.

Western Pennsylvania: Gallitin vs. Harmerville or Arden.

Ohio: Lorain Eagles vs. Mahoning Valley, White Motor or Fendor Athletic vs. Cleveland Magyars, Kenmore vs. Goodyear.

Northwestern New York: Kodak vs. Rochester Moose.

Michigan: Caledonia vs. Roses, Detroit or Windsor Rovers vs. Industrial, Walkerville vs. Sons of Malta, Ulster or Rising Son vs. Jeanette.

Missouri and Southern Illinois: De Andreis or St. Leo vs. Trumbull or Ben Miller, Paul Mueller or Hense vs. Prendergast or Paulian, Hoover Sweeper or Vesper Buick vs. Wilsonville United, Scullion Steel vs. Ben Miller or West Frankfort.

Illinois and Wisconsin: Canadian Club vs. Sparta Union, MacWhyte vs. Bricklayers, Swedish-Americans vs. Thistle.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club