The Globe – Bethlehem
Monday, October 23, 1922
Great Showing Made on New Jersey Field by Local Eleven – Score 2 to 1.

The Bethlehem Steel F. C. created the surprise of the season in soccer circles when it visited Paterson yesterday and defeated the strong Paterson F. C. in an American League game by the score of 2 goals to 1.

Paterson was undefeated until they met the Steel Workers and many of the experts regarded the game as just a good workout for the clever galaxy of stars gathered together by the Paterson management. The result of the game proved beyond a doubt the Bethlehem Steel will once more be a name to conjure with in soccer circles.

First Half

Paterson won the toss and the Steel Workers kicked off against the wind and the Paterson vanguard was soon in the vicinity of Kerr. Clever combination by the home team held the Steel Workers to their own half of the field and it looked as if Paterson was going to have an easy time. Shots were rained in on Kerr from all angles but most of them lacked sting., due to the clever defensive work of the Bethlehem backs. After 15 minutes’ pressure Paterson found the net. Heminsley scoring from close range. Paterson again attacked and the football they displayed was of a high order. Heminsley and Ferguson met with a crash within the penalty border and Heminsley went down. The play looked fair to all and players and spectators alike were taken by surprise when the referee ordered a penalty kick. Fryer, the Paterson captain, too the kick and shot hard for the left corner of the net. Kerr made a great effort and reached the ball with one hand and then kicked clear before any of the Paterson vanguard could reach him. This brilliant save by the Bethlehem custodian seemed to change the entire complexion of the game and in the next few minutes the Steel Workers were attacking vigorously and McNiven sent over the bar on a cross from Goldie. Both teams were now playing great football with Bethlehem supplying the unexpected, and the four thousand spectators began to realize that Bethlehem was anything but a beaten team when they saw the Paterson defense working desperately to hold off the new thoroughly aroused Steel Workers. Ten minutes from the end of the half Bethlehem tied the score when McNiven drove the ball into the net from close range on a pass from Goldie. Bethlehem was attacking desperately when the first half ended.

Second Half

Paterson broke away on the right but Ferguson and Terris turned them back and once more the Steel Workers took up the attack and the spectators were treated to some of the finest football ever seen in that section. Renzulli was having a desperate time in goal and the clever passing of the Bethlehem team wore down the entire defense and after 15 minutes of play McNiven again found the net after a clever movement that was participated in by all the players on the line. Bethlehem was now playing like winners and a bigger section of the crowd was with them than has ever been their lot on foreign soil. Paterson tried desperately to initiate an attack, but their efforts were ragged and it was seldom that they got within range of Kerr. The keenness of the struggle began to tell on both teams and play became a bit rough in the later stages and Campbell and Fryer had to retire to the side lines for repairs. Paterson seemed to play out towards the end and Bethlehem did most of the attacking but neither team was able to add to their score and the cleverest and most exciting game ever seen in Paterson ended in the defeat of the home team, the first of the season.

Bethlehem Steel – Paterson
Kerr – G—Renzulli
Young – RFB – Reynolds
Ferguson – LFB – Whitehead
McFarlane – RHB – Scott
Raeside – CHB – Fryer
Terris – LHB – Herd
Currie – OR – Duggan
Rattray – IR – McGuire
McNiven – CF – Heminsley
Campbell – IL – McKenna
Goldie – OL – Sweeney
Referee: C. E. Creighton. Linesmen: W. Forrest, Bethlehem and R. Hunsicker, Paterson. Goals for Bethlehem: McNiven 2. For Paterson, Heminsley. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club