The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, October 23, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Crucial Test
Bethlehem Steel's chances in the American Soccer League will probably be determined in the two games to be played this weekend. Meeting the Shawsheen F. C. on Saturday and then Fall River, two times league champions, on Sunday, will be a crucial test for the Steel Workers. Fall River goes to the post against the invading Bethlehemites in their only game scheduled over the weekend, while Bethlehem tackles the champions after an anticipated hard tilt against Shawsheen. Thus far the Bethlehem club has proven probably a better road team than an at-home aggregation. The two games dropped in the league race thus far were lost on the home grounds.

Newcomer to the American League
Shawsheen is a club that has made its debut in American Soccer League circles this season. When the Fleisher Yarn and Philadelphia F. C> clubs were amalgamated, an open berth existed and Shawsheen, winner of the National Cup competition, was given preference. The number of league clubs, however, is the same as last year. The newcomers broke in with quite a crash and fully demonstrated that it is a club not to be trifled with. One of its most brilliant accomplishments was to defeat Fall River, an achievement no other club in the circuit succeeded in doing this season. Fall River's lone defeat is topped with three draw games.

Prominent in Lone Victory
Trailing at the foot of the ladder in the league race, each club fighting to avoid the cellar position, are Philadelphia F. C., and Newark F. C. The former has the edge in winning one game, while Newark has yet to taste its first victory. Prominent in that lone victory garnered by the Philadelphia F. C. was Joe Morrison, former Bethlehem Prep athlete and a product of the local soccer lots. Morrison has played extensively with Philadelphia clubs, but quite recently cast his lot with the Phillies. Both goals scored against Indiana Flooring in the Phillies' first victory of the season were directly brought about by the brilliant work of the local athlete.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club