The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, October 24, 1919
"Champs" Team Will Have Several New Faces on It Tomorrow

Several new faces will be seen in the Bethlehem Steel soccer team lineup when the club trots out on the field tomorrow afternoon for the opening game with the University of Pennsylvania. Among the newcomers are two players who did service with the champions while on their European tour, while the other two come here with an excellent reputation as exponents of the kicking games.

As an added attraction, and one that is sure to meet with the approval of all fans, W. L. Lewis, who is guiding the destines of the team during the absence of "Billy" Sheridan, has arranged to receive the scores of the Lehigh-Carnegie Tech; Pittsburgh-Georgia Teach and Penn-Lafayette games.

The new men include Blakey and A. Stark, the latter who played a sensational game in Sweden, and who is heralded throughout the country as one of the greatest of soccer players. W. Morrison and Harris, the latter from the Chicago district, will also assume the responsibility of wearing the colors of the Steel Workers, and from their showing in the practice games, are going to be a wonderful addition to the club.

"Bill" Stark, the trainer at steel gymnasium, supervised the sodding of the field, and has everything in tip-top condition for the opening contest. The goals were erected today and the marking oft he field tomorrow morning will complete the work. With favorable weather conditions the management expects a record-breaking attendance.

The tentative line-up of the team is as follows:

Bethlehem -- Penn
Duncan -- G -- Harrison
Fletcher -- RFB -- Darrow
Whitson -- LFB -- Cooper
Murray -- RHB -- Robb
R. Morrison -- CHB -- Binns
Blakey -- LHB -- Tompson
W. Morrison -- OR -- Bingham
Stark -- IR -- Spencer
Harris -- CF -- Nassau
Easton -- IL -- Pennell
Fleming -- OL -- Donlin
Referee: J. Harry Carpenter.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club