The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 25, 1920
Wolfenden Shore, of Philadelphia, Defeated at that City Yesterday 3 to 1.
Bobby Morrison Stages a Come-Back -- New Players All Do Finely

Wolfenden Shore was easily smothered by Bethlehem Steel in an exhibition soccer game on the former's field at Cardington, Phila., yesterday afternoon, Bethlehem winning by the score of 3 goals to 1.

The game enabled the Steel Workers to introduce several new men in their lineup, all of whom performed in creditable style. In their lineup, Bethlehem included Kerr, between the posts, Bethune, at right fullback, and Stewart, inside right. Not one of these players weakened the team in the least, even with Ferguson, Duncan and Forrest out of the lineup. In fact, Kerr between the post gave a clever exhibition while Bethune was always on the job, both in tacking the opposing wing and also with his clearances.

The Wolfenden Shore management induced Harry Pearce to don togs for the season. This made the game more interesting, inasmuch as Pearce played a whale of a game.

Although Wolfenden were defeated, they played a hard game. Their forwards were unable to shine as much as usual, owing to the strong halfback line pitted against them, while their own halves were also kept busy blocking or tackling Brittan and company, which prevented the Wolfenden Shore middle line from feeding their front liners to any great extent.

The whole Bethlehem team worked together in its usual finished style. When it was necessary to put on steam to block its opponents, it was never found wanting, while its combination play together with team work, both fore and aft, could not have been improved upon. It played together as a unit.

Bethlehem scored its first goal through Brittan. The former Chelsea, English League front liner whipped the ball past Pearce with a low drive. He received the ball from Satterwaite, who had worked it into a favorable position, before feeding his center. This score took place after 10 minutes' play. The next five minutes witnessed the Wolfenden Shore lads playing harder than ever. Flynn, who made a splendid dribble where he tricked more than one of the opposition spoiled his sensational run by shooting high over the bar.

That close shave apparently was too much for the Steel Workers as their forwards, fed by the halfbacks, passed and re-passed the ball, Mountney eventually saving at the expense of a corner from which "Jim" Wilson tricked Pearce with a hard shot. That was all the scoring prior to the interval though almost from the kick off Rudolph should have opened Wolfenden Shore's account, falling down miserably from a splendid cross from the left wing after Bart McGhee had made a speedy dribble.

The Wolfenden Shore players seemed to get going with better judgment after the restart of the game, their backs defending better, while they also got more boot behind their kicks than in the opening session. The improved play resulted in their first and only goal being netted from Shearer's boot after 22 minutes' play, the inside right receiving the sphere at the psychological moment after Randolph and Flynn had dribbled it for about 25 yards. Instead of this score putting new vim into the Wolfenden Shore team, it only made Bethlehem play all the harder.

During the last 20 minutes of the game, they continually kept the ball in the locals' territory, Brittan scoring from one of Bethlehem's famous passing movements, Murray whipping the ball to "Jimmy" Wilson, who sent it across to Brittan, who easily beat Pearce. That was the final score officially, though "Whitey" Fleming was deprived of a goal in the last few minutes through Wilson getting offside just as Fleming had shot the ball into the net.

The game was splendidly played all during the 90 minutes and was witnessed by the largest crowd ever seen at a soccer match Cardington way.

The lineup:

Wolfenden Shore -- Bethlehem
H. Pearce -- G -- Kerr
Mountney -- RFB -- Bethune
Jackson -- LFB -- Wilson
Brierly -- RHB -- Murray
Fullerton -- CHB -- Campbell
Bardsley -- LHB -- R. Morrison
D. Flynn -- OR -- J. Wilson
Shearer - -IR -- Satterwaite
Rudolph -- CF -- Brittan
J. McGhee -- IL -- Stewart
B. McGhee -- OL - -Fleming
Final score -- Bethlehem, 3; Wolfenden Shore, 1. Half-time score -- Bethlehem, 2; Wolfenden Shore, 0. Goals made by -- Brittan, 2; Jim Wilson, Shearer. Referee -- John Walders. Linesmen -- Duncan for Bethlehem; Topham for Wolfenden Shore. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club