Bethlehem Globe-Times
Tuesday, October 25, 1927
Because of Eleven Clubs Making Schedule Difficulties it Agrees to Withdraw

President Bill Cunningham of the American Soccer League announced Monday night, according to an Associated Press dispatch, that he had “persuaded the management of the Hartford soccer club to abandon the remaining games of its schedule and to disband its organization.” This was done, the executive said, in order to keep the soccer circuit better balanced.

“The combination of circumstances that recently made it necessary to declare the Philadelphia franchise forfeited left the league with eleven member teams,” President Cunningham said. “The odd number made the arrangement of a schedule extremely difficult and made it impossible to follow the American League plan which has every team in the circuit engaged during every weekend of the season.

“The Hartford territory, while by no means unproductive, nevertheless suffered distinctly from the difficulties always encountered in pioneering a new sporting project, and after considering the problem from every angle, the president requested the Hartford management to suspend operations until further notice, and the Hartford management agreed.

“The organization will disband in good standing with the league. It is sound financially and its few outstanding obligations have all been taken care of.”

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club