The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Thursday, October 25, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Bethlehem's Generosity
The Philadelphia soccer management was quite fortunate in having a half-dozen or more star performers dumped on them in their efforts to strengthen the team campaigning in the Eastern Soccer League. Players who have had their eye teeth cut in big time playing and with which as a nucleus the Centennials should have quite a representative aggregation. When the American Soccer League played a club in Philadelphia practically all of the other teams joined in and sent it players. Bethlehem has made it possible for the Phillies to put on a big front, shipping no less than half a dozen of its men there and quite timely, too, for on Saturday afternoon the "cents" meet the New York Hakoah in what promises to be quite a game.

Could Well Afford
With the hard weekend schedules in the American Soccer League, particularly so for the Bethlehem club which was forced to do considerable traveling when booked in the New England sector, it was necessary to carry an unusually large squad. In the new league where the territory is more compact and admitted as yet the opposition of some of the clubs has not reached the standard of the teams such as Bethlehem, Hakoah and New York Giants, there was no need of carrying as many players. In view of this, together with the interest manifest in contributing every mite possible to make a success of the new circuit, Bethlehem is to be commended for its generosity in transferring the players . The boosters are no doubt in hearty accord with the plan. Of the players transferred newcomers this season were in t he majority with Bethlehem retaining its bevy of veterans for the home club.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club