The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, October 26, 1926
Bethlehem Steel and Boston, Runners Up, to Clash on Lehigh Field

The fight for first place in the American Soccer League will be waged on Lehigh Field, Center Street and Elizabeth Avenue, on Saturday afternoon when Bethlehem Steel engages in the first meeting of the season with the strong Boston club.

The Hubmen come to Bethlehem as runner-up for the position held by the local club with the margin of difference in the standing hardly more than one game. The outcome of this game will make a material difference in the standing of the contending club. Brooklyn, too, is tied for second place and should Boston lose it means that the Bean Eaters will drop to third place.

The visit of Boston promises to be one of the biggest home attractions of the season. Always a strong club and always close to the top in the league battle as and the cup competitions, Boston is certain to give the champions a severe test.

While Bethlehem can boast of its coterie of soccer stars, the Hubmen also have a team which includes a brilliant array of talent. Many importations are included in the lineup and most of these players of international and first division reputation have been in this country long enough to inject the aggressive style of the American teams. Boston is a club intact with veterans and players who know their stuff.

The injuries of several of the Bethlehem men are causing the management no little concern. Whitey McDonald is slowly improving but his acquisition to the halfback line on Saturday is still in doubt. If Carnihan and McDonald are available to pair off with the veteran Bob MacGregor much of the club's worries will be eliminated.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club