The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Friday, October 26, 1928
Veterans Ferguson and Marshall at Fullback Against New York Celtics

Two master strategists will cavort on the former Steel field when the veterans "Jocks" Ferguson and Marshall, will take command of the fullback posts for Bethlehem in the game against the New York Celtics here on Saturday.

The inclusion of both these masters of the booting game promises to be a rare as well as novel treat and perhaps the last time this season that this duo of veterans will be paired on the team. Since Bethlehem acquired Marshall at the start of the present season, soccer boosters have anxiously awaited the time the management would see fit to use both in a game.

The assertion that Ferguson and Marshall are two of the greatest backs ever to face a soccer team in this country is [...] in the least exaggerated and by no means an opinion entertained locally but one that has frequently been voiced throughout the country. Perhaps they do not still retain the speed of the hay day of their career but what they lack in this respect is more than offset with their brainy play in every respect.

Both veterans have gone through a week of hard training and will be fit for the game. The choice of the team Bethlehem is to field is no longer a matter of doubt as was the case before the players were transferred to Philadelphia and Newark. With few reserves the size of the squad is cut down to the bone and the team to fight for league as well as cup honors will with very few exceptions remain intact for the entire season.

Freddy Pepper, local referee who has done well as a big time official, will handle the Celtic game. Horace Williams and W. Forrest have been assigned the linesmen. The probable lineup will be:

New York Celtics -- Bethlehem
Geudert -- G -- Edwards
Wilson -- RFB -- Marshall
Smith -- LFB -- Ferguson
Short -- RHB -- Reid
Terris -- CHB -- Carnihan
Cominsky -- LHB -- MacGregor
McAustin -- OR -- Gillespie
O'Neill -- IR -- Jaap
Millar -- CF -- Stark
Herd -- IL -- Massie
Mann -- OL -- Rollo

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club