The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, October 27, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

A Compromise on Sparta Game
Just because some one in New York said Bethlehem was infringing on territorial rights, the local soccer clan is knocked cold on the proposed plans to meet the Sparta soccer team of Prague and the Czechoslovakian champions. That dig coming from Indiana Flooring is going to cost the Bethlehem team a pretty penny. It is understood that Indiana made some sort of compromise, but not until the club was assured a part of the gate. Not official but rumored, it is said that Indiana was ready to withdraw its protest providing Bethlehem compensated the club for whatever losses might be incurred and also compensate the lessee of the grounds on which Indiana plays. It would seem that their attitude was inspired by a selfish motive instead of encouraging a game that would be to the interest of soccer. At any rate, Bethlehem is going to play the Sparta club, but t he game will not be played in New York, insofar as any cut of the gate is concerned Indiana will be out in the cold.

Play Sparta in Newark
Bethlehem will meet the Prague team at Newark on next Tuesday. It will be the last game of the Sparta tour. Incidentally, the local clan are getting a good break, for Tuesday is election day and generally a holiday in Newark. However, playing in Newark isn't playing the game in New York, where the national champions were assured of playing before the biggest crowd in the history of the Bethlehem soccer. There have been some big attendances at Bethlehem games, but none that would have compared with the anticipated turnout in the Metropolis. The approximate attendance, had the game gone through as originally scheduled, can probably best be gleaned by some of the games played by Sparta thus far.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club