The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, October 28, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Harrowing Experience of Steel Booters
The weekend t rip to the New England states for a dual bill of soccer was one not readily to be forgotten by member of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team, who were buffeted around an entire night by the terrific gale which swept the Atlantic seaboard on Sunday. "The ship's aground," a remark made by one of the boat's crew and overheard by several of the dribblers, had a tendency to incite a little fear and there were many anxious moments before the players were docked at Newport on Monday at noon. Leaving Fall River on Sunday immediately after the exhibition game with the champions, the boat had proceeded to within a few miles of Newport, where a mechanical defect left the boat stranded, rocked and buffeted by the waves. Throughout the night the players were left stranded. Some of them braved the elements and took a chance in retiring to their bunks, but not until the life belts were placed within close reach. On Monday, tugs were secured to tow the steamer to Newport and it was with a sigh of relief when the dribblers again placed their feet on terra firma. Due to the delay, the players did not return home until the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

A Factor to be Reckoned With
"Old Pop" Ferguson, one of the best fullbacks in soccer ever to step a foot on American soil, is still a factor to be reckoned with and this according to the dope brought home, was emphatically illustrated in his playing against Shawsheen on Saturday afternoon. Jock feels that he has given his best he has as an active contributor to the sport. For several seasons they have tried to drop the curtain on his extensive career but somehow or other emergencies crop up at the crucial moment and Jock is again trotted out on the soccer field in full war regalia, and he has never failed or disappointed. The arrival of Robert, Jr., in the family of Bob McGregor, halfback of the Bethlehem team on Saturday morning, was responsible for Jock relinquishing his duties for the day as trainer of the club and to don his soccer togs. Allen, a fullback, was shifted to MacGregor's place and Jock was rushed to the front to take a place on the fullback line. He performed his duties in a style that would turn some of the younger aspirants for fullback honors green with envy. On his showing against Shawsheen, the old guard might as well keep the football outfit handy, for it's a hundred to one that he will see quite a bit of service before the end of the present season.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club