The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, October 29, 1920
Soccer Notes

The second round national cup game between Erie A. A. and Bethlehem Steel, scheduled for Clarke's Field, Kearney, N. J., on Sunday, Nov. 7, will not be played on that ground, as the national challenge cup committee has declared Clarke's field unfit for such an important game, and has instructed the Erie A. A. to secure a ground that will meet with all the requirements of the competition. This action was taken by the national officials as the result of a protest lodged by Bethlehem Steel F. C. against Clarke's field. The latter field has always been a storm center in soccer, and was closed last season to national cup games as the result of a riot which took place there during the national cup game between Robins Dry Dock and Federal Ship F. C. The national cup officials have shown excellent judgment in this matter and their fearless ruling will no doubt meet with the approval of all true lovers of soccer. The game will probably be played on Federal baseball grounds at Harrison, N. J.

The Bethlehem forward line is moving much better at present than they have been at any time this season, and if they have the good fortune to escape injury, they should establish a record in the goal scoring line. The clever work of Brittan at center forward has a lot to do with the success of the line as a whole. Bethlehem has never been better served in this all-important position than has been the case since Brittan has been playing there, and whole-hearted cooperation by the other forwards can mean nothing but success for Bethlehem.

Bethlehem has three good halfbacks, but the lack of capable reserves may prove a detriment in some of the important games. Several players on the list can fill in at right halfback or center half, but a good left half reserve has not been discovered to date.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club