The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 29, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Unfinished Game
The Hakoahs and the New York Giants were forced to vacate the playing field with five minutes more to go to complete their Eastern League game played in the Giants' park yesterday afternoon, because the Jewish adherents took exception to a ruling of the referee in banishing players and swarming onto the field, making further playing impossible. At the time Hakoah was leading, 3 to 2. Just what action the league will take in regard to the affair is not known but if the usual procedure is adhered to, the teams will meet to play out the five minutes and not replay the entire game. Interest in soccer in New York seems strongly in favor of the new league, evident by the contrast in attendance. Five thousand fans saw the Hakoah-Giants game while 1,500 turned out to see the New York Nationals in their American Soccer League game.

The Home Attendance
The home attendance at soccer games is nothing short of deplorable. In fact, the records disclose that the attendance t his year has fallen away below the attendance during a similar period last season. The team needs the moral encouragement of local fans, particularly at this time when engaged in its fight for soccer decency and at a time when the newly organized Eastern Soccer League needs all the support it can muster. Competition may not be what it had been, but this condition is rapidly being remedied and already four clubs have mustered together the strength equal to cope with the best in the American League.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club