The Globe – Bethlehem
Monday, October 30, 1922
New York F. C. in American League Contest Defeated 1 to 0.
Loses Had a Clean Record Up to Yesterday’s Fast Contest

by Sita Dell
Will the new Bethlehem Steel soccer team ever reach the stage of perfection that made the old machine famous in America, Canada and the Scandinavian countries? That is the question that the majority of fans were interested in and the result of the American League game at New York Oval yesterday between the Steel Workers and the undefeated New York F. C. gave the answer in the affirmative. Bethlehem won by the only goal of the game and they deserved the victory beyond any shadow of a doubt. IN pure scientific football the Steel Workers were far ahead of the Gothamites and several opportunities to add to the score were lost through lack of understanding of one another’s style of play. New York played the typical rushing game that has always characterized their play and several times in the second half they looked like denting the Bethlehem net with the equalizing goal, but magnificent work by Kerr, Young and Ferguson nullified all their efforts. The play held the interest of the spectators from the start, first one team and then the other getting within the danger zone. The clever passing of Bethlehem was in striking contrast to the style of New York.

The Game

New York won the toss and chose to play with the sun behind them. Bethlehem kicked off and in the first two minutes of play both goals were in danger. Bethlehem took up the attack and after some beautiful combinations, participated in by the entire line, Rattray scored for Bethlehem from 15 yards range on a pass from Goldie. Guedert had no chance with the shot. The Steel Workers again took up the attack and the fans were treated to some of the finest football they had ever seen. The ball was passed and repassed with a neatness of execution that was a delight to witness.

Second Half

New York started off with a rush but the Bethlehem defense was sound and play returned to midfield. Long exchanges by the backs were of no advantage to either side. Bethlehem now made the mistake of playing a defensive game and New York was quick to take advantage of it and Kerr and his coworkers in the defense had more work to do for at least 20 minutes than has been their lot in any game to date. No Bethlehem player deserves particular mention above his teammates as all gave of their best. For New York, Kelly and the brothers Stark stood out clear for clean and effective football.

New York – Bethlehem
Guedert – G – Kerr
Kelly – RFB – Young
[…] – LFB – Ferguson
T. Stark – RHB – McFarlane
Philips – CHB – Raeside
Meyerdicks – LHB – Terris
McAusland – OR – Currie
A. Stark – IR – Rattray
Barnett – CF – McNiven
Hardy – IL – Forrest
McGhee – OL – Goldie
Linesmen: W. Cooper, Referee, T. Cunningham. Linesman: D. Campbell.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club