The Globe -- Bethlehem
November 1, 1920
Large Crowd Sees New York F. C. Hold Locals to 1-1 Score

by Sita Dell
New York F. C. and Bethlehem Steel battled to a tie at new York oval yesterday afternoon in a National League game before 4,000 people, the final score being one goal each. The score just about represents the run of the game, not a team showing any superiority over its opponent sufficient to credit them with a victory.

At the end of the first half New York led by one goal to nothing and in this respect they were fortunate for Bethlehem really had the better of this half in actual play. In the second half, the Steel Workers started off brilliantly and after several prolonged attacks tied the score. However, the New York team came back so strong in the closing 20 minutes that the display entitled them to a division of the points.

For New York, Kelly and Gilfillan, the powerful backs, have served this club well for the past season. The brilliance of this pair makes them the only real rivals Bethlehem has in the matter of defense. The Steel Workers usually have the best in this department but against New York the honors are usually about even. For Bethlehem the entire forward line showed clever football at times but Wilson at outside right spoiled most of his effectiveness by squaring the ball in such a manner that the inside forwards were usually found ahead of the centers. When he is able to master this weakness the entire line will be much more effective.

The Bethlehem halfbacks and defense were effective as usual and every man gave a good account of himself. Throughout the game the brilliant performances of both teams kept the crowd thrilled with the sentiment of the spectators equally divided.

New York won the toss and kicked of with the sun behind them. Bethlehem was first to attack and Satterwaite looked like breaking through but handled the ball in the penalty area and a good opportunity was lost to gain an early advantage. New York attacked and the ball was crossed to McGreevey in such a manner that he had no difficulty in beating Easton. Collier made an effort to head the ball clear but misjudged its flight and McGreevey as left with a clear field, sending the ball past the goal keeper from close range. This early success was a great advantage of the New Yorkers and they played with great vigor and determination.

The Steel Workers took up the attack and Wilson forced a corner. Nothing came of it and the ball was soon at the other end of the field. The clever defensive work of Collier and Ferguson prevented any New Yorker from getting settled to shoot and once more the Steel Workers attacked. Fleming was presented with a beautiful opportunity on a cross from Wilson but the usually accurate outside left sent past from close range. Bethlehem again continued to attack but was unable to get the equalizing goal and half-time found the New Yorkers ahead by the score of one goal to none.

In the second half the Steel Workers attacked in great fashion and Fleming forced a corner in the first few minutes. The corner was well taken and Brittan just missed the upright with a header. Bethlehem again attacked, Wilson sending past. New York was next prominent with a nice movement on the entire forward line and Easton was called upon to save several shots from all angles. The goal keeper was equal to t he attention and the ball was once more transferred to the other end. A high bounding ball was dropped in front of the New York goal in such a manner that the goal keeper was forced to leave his goal to intercept the ball. Fleming rushed in on him and to the surprise of the players and spectators alike, the goal keeper missed the ball entirely. Fleming darting around him scored the equalizing goal with ease, at the expiration of 20 minutes.

Bethlehem again looked like scoring through fine work of Brittan, whose clever touches to the wings was one of the features of the game, but again Kelly and Gilfillan saved the situation for New York by clever tackling and New York again attacked. McGreevey missed a good opportunity to score at close range. In the closing stages of the game, New York was most prominent but was unable to penetrate the Bethlehem defense and a hard fought game ended with the score a tie. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- New York
Easton -- G -- Derham
Collier -- RFB -- Kelly
Ferguson -- LFB -- Gilfillan
Murray -- RHB -- Mackie
Campbell -- CHB -- Bustard
Morrison -- LHB -- Meyerdiecks
Wilson -- OR -- MacDonald
Satterwaite -- IR -- Hardy
Brittan -- CF -- Bell
Forrest -- IL -- Bleich
Fleming -- OL -- McGreevey
Goals -- McGreevey, Fleming. Referee -- Bell, Jersey City. Linesmen -- Duffy, New York, and Duncan, Bethlehem. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club