The Globe -- Bethlehem
November 2, 1920
Soccer Notes

The Steel Workers emerged from Sunday's National League game with New York F. C. in good condition, and are now free to concentrate all their efforts during the next two weeks to cup games. Next Sunday they will play Erie A. A. in the second round of the National Cup, on a ground yet to be decided upon. The Erie management have so far been unable to secure a ground for this important game that will meet the requirements of the National Challenge Cup officials. On Saturday, Nov. 13, Bethlehem will play J & J Dobson of Philadelphia, in the second round of the American Cup. The Dobson team is one of the best in Philadelphia district, but the Steel Workers should have little difficulty in entering the third round of this competition.

At the present time it looks as if Bethlehem has just about clinched the National League pennant. It has collected nine points out of a possible ten; all but two of those were earned on foreign soil. Bethlehem has only three games to play away from home in the league race and, judging from the present form of its opponents for those games, it should win all three of them. The three teams in question are Paterson F. C., Federal Ship F. C., and Babcock & Wilcox. All the other teams in the league, with the exception of Federal Ship, must visit Bethlehem; and visitors usually find points hard to get on Bethlehem Steel Field.

Bethlehem's forwards showed some clever football on Sunday, but the finishing was poor, and they will have to attack with more vigor next Sunday if they are to overcome the Eries in the National Cup.

The Steel Workers have drawn great crowds in all games played away from home this season, and they usually find a big section of the fans rooting hard for them.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club