The Globe Bethlehem
Thursday, November 2, 1922
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Bethlehem Soccerites Have Arrived
That the Bethlehem F. C. has arrived and is now in a position to give as good as it receives in the campaign for the National honors is the opinion of many critics. The crowing point in the campaigning was reached on Sunday when the Bethlehems as they are most familiarly known on strange soil, defeated the strong New York F. C. In defeating Paterson and then the Gothamites, the Steel Workers disposed of a pair of teams recognized as the most formidable in the East. The New Yorkers, prior to meeting Bethlehem, defeated Fall River with its bevy of former Bethlehemites including Harold Brittan, recognized as the peer of center forwards, and also successfully coped with J & P Coats, of Pawtucket, R. I., another haven of Bethlehem celebrities. Out around the steel field it is acknowledged that the team is showing fine form but as yet has not reached the stage of perfection characteristic of former great Bethlehem machines. But two or three positions seem to lack and when these are polished up so as to reach the desired form manifest, they are not a bit backwards in predicting the outfit as the strongest ever and the best in the country. The ambition of the team and manager is to return to Bethlehem the cups that in years gone by were almost annually displayed among the Bethlehem trophies.

Collide in National Cup Game
With the Lehigh football team playing away from home on Saturday, followers of outdoor sports will undoubtedly take advantage of the opportunity to see the Steel Workers in action. The game is of more than ordinary significance in that it is the second round in the National Cup campaign and that a defeat means elimination. The Fleisher eleven, of Philadelphia, will be the opponent. The Fleisher stepping into the fast company this year after having experienced unusual success on the field of battle the year previous. The Quakers came through for the honors in the Inter-Allied League without a defeat. Of course, Bethlehem expects to win but it is felt that the yarners will force them to extend themselves. Bethlehem lost the opening American League game of the season to the Philadelphia F. C. by the score of two goals to one. Fleisher was likewise defeated by the Philadelphia F. C. by the same score which conquered Bethlehem. Therefore if scores mean anything in estimating the merit of a soccer clan, Bethlehem should be in for a good tough battle.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club