The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Friday, November 2, 1928
Former American Soccer League Custodian Will Make His Debut Against Bethlehem

Among the clubs in the Eastern Soccer League which appear to have been highly successful in their efforts to strengthen their team is the New York Hispano, the league opponent of Bethlehem to be played on the former Steel Field on Saturday afternoon.

Heretofore, the Hispanos were almost an exclusive Spanish team, but judging by the names submitted of the tentative lineup to start against Bethlehem, drastic changes have been made and were possible by virtue of signing a wealth of new talent. While Spaniards will probably be prominent in the lineup, the new talent will be in the majority.

Of the original members of the team, the names of Macedo, Argentino, Solano, and Prats are now included as reserves and will probably spell off some of the new men as substitutes and in order to hold enough in reserve for the game against Bethlehem on Sunday, which will be played in New York City.

Of the newcomers in the Hispano lineup there are several former American Soccer League players included. Most prominent of these is J. Thomson, a goalie, formerly of the New York Nationals and a player who after bolting his former team because of the outlaw status tacked on to it by the U. S. F. A., refused to return. Thomson will be in goal for the New Yorkers.

With the ranks still further weeded out by the transfer of "Jock" Marshall to the Philadelphia club, there is little choice other than a veteran combination for the selection of the Bethlehem team in the league. In regards to the transfer of Marshall there is no need for soccer boosters to become unduly excited for it will be only for a week or two that Marshall will be loaned to the Quakers. This was in response to an appeal from the Philadelphia management as a means of strengthening its team for a hard weekend schedule and with the full sanction of the league. The Philadelphia management is now scouting the market for first-class talent and as readily as players can be secured, that soon some of the former locals who were transferred to Philadelphia will be returned.

The Bethlehem club will be quite active in the next few days. Scheduled for a home game Saturday and then again on Sunday with the Hispanos in New York, there will be also an election day game for the team to be held in Philadelphia. This game, an exhibition affair, should prove very interesting for it will be teammate against teammate in the respective lineup of the two teams. The game here on Saturday will be handled by William Forrest. The probably lineup follows:

New York Hispanos -- Bethlehem
J. Thomson -- G -- Edwards
D. Ferguson -- RFB -- Barrie
Parodi -- LFB -- Ferguson
J. Healey -- RHB -- Reid
W. Thomson -- CHB -- Carnihan
Robinson -- LHB -- MacGregor
Mullenstein -- OR -- Gillespie
W. Healey -- IR -- Jaap
Crilly -- CF -- Stark
Wilson -- IL -- Massie
Christie -- OL -- Rollo

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club