The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, November 5, 1924
A 2 Goal to O Score Run Up On New Jerseyites In Election Day Game

Comparative scores mean nothing in football and apparently by the demonstration on the Bethlehem Steel Field yesterday afternoon comparative scores mean far less in soccer. Bethlehem Steel defeated the Newark F. C. by the score of 2 goals to none. The [...] credited to Bethlehem indicated nothing convincing but the run of the game to the eyewitness revealed a superiority that was as complete over the visitors as a huge tent. This description may be a bit vague, but nevertheless impressed as being the exact case.

Bethlehem did everything within the province of soccer ethics with the exception of rolling up a higher score. Seemed as if the Bethlehem forwards [...] their superiority at times [...] with the visitors' backs while the Bethlehem defense was never found wanting and of the few forward movements initiated by the visiting Jerseymen but one assumed the aspect of being dangerous.

Suffice it to say that during the greater run of the game the visitors were defending their citadel, Bethlehem lacked in but one respect and that was location. Shot after shot was aimed at the goal, some striking the upright, others the cross bar and still others sailing over the goal mouth scarcely inches out of range. And then there were plenty of others that went by either from the boot or the head with plenty to spare.

The two goals registered were notched by Archie Stark, the Bethlehem center forward. One came as the result of a corner kick and the other on which Stark took advantage of the opportunity during scrimmage in the goal mouth. Every forward had a crack at the net but no other forward was successful in locating. It was one of those games in which fate seemed to play a trump hand and sat pat against the efforts of the Bethlehem forwards.

Not a capacity crowd by any means but a fair, enthusiastic gather enjoyed the election day entertainment. At times the game bristled with excitement, but for the most the superiority of Bethlehem was quite evident.

The game was hardly ten minutes under way when Archie Stark registered Bethlehem's first corner. It was on this first of the three corner kicks conceded to Bethlehem in the opening half that the goal materialized, Turner making the kick placed beautifully to Stark who was located at the far end of the goal mouth. Without moving a step out of position Stark deftly touched the ball with his head and Bowman was completely beat.

From then on until the close of the half Bethlehem did by far the most pressing but the half-time whistle found the locals leading by no more than one goal to none. After turning around for the second half Bethlehem's superiority was even more pronounced. More than twenty minutes of this session had been played before the visitors initiated a forward movement which advanced as far as the fullback line. Hardly more than three or four similar occurrences followed and for the most of the time the play was on the other side of the medial in Newark territory. Although outclassed the visitors fought back with dogged determination. Together with the many opportunities in this half were no less than five corners, none of which, however, was converted into goals. Bethlehem's final counter came late in the session when Stark scored from scrimmage directly in front of the goal. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Newark
Highfield -- G -- Bowman
Young -- RFB -- T. Hewittson
J. Ferguson -- LFB -- W. Hewittson
MacFarlane -- RHB -- Barr
McDonald -- CHB -- Kelly
Evans -- LHB -- Hamilton
Turner -- OR -- McBay
Rollo -- IR -- Docherty
Stark -- CF -- Smith
Maxwell -- IL -- Niebold
Goldie -- OL -- McNaughton
Goals: Stark, 2. Referee, J. Walders. Linesmen, Williams and Smith. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club