The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, November 5, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

International Soccer Match
The first international soccer match to take place in the United States will be played on Ebbets Field, the home of the Brooklyn National League ball club, on Sunday afternoon, when a picked team sporting the colors of the U. S. F. A. tries conclusions with a selected team from Canada. While it is to be the first international match to be played in America, it is not the first in which America has been represented. Late last spring a representative American aggregation invaded Canada and was defeated by the Dominion dribblers. The game testifies to the rapid progress in popularity of the game in the country.

Carnihan, Stark and Goldie
In selecting the team to oppose the Canadians, Bethlehem has been honored with the selection of three of its players. Probably more would have been included but for certain eligibility restrictions. Fall River, it is noticed in scanning the personnel of the club, is entirely eliminated. The team is comprised entirely of players on the American Soccer League clubs, the premier soccer circuit in this country. Bethlehem's contribution to the following lineup will be Bill Carnihan, center halfback; Archie Stark, league leading scorer, center forward, and Malcolm Goldie, outside left. The lineup: Steel, Boston, goal; Robertson, Brooklyn, RFB; Wilson, New Bedford, LFB; Kelly, Newark, RHB; Carnihan, Bethlehem, CHB; Herd, Brooklyn, LHB; Brown, New York Giants, OR; McGuire, Brooklyn, IR; Stark, Bethlehem, CF; Millar, Indiana Flooring, OL; Davis, Philadelphia, reserve.

Eliminating Jock Ferguson
Jock Ferguson was a member of the United States team that played the Canadians in the previous international match and Jock, playing his usual position as a back, gave a slam bang display. Critics extolled the merits of the veteran back in glowing terms and typed Jock as the main act in the big show. The Bethlehem veteran is eliminated as a back on the team for this game. But perhaps Ferguson, who is satisfied to evade the spotlight of actual playing, did not want to be included. Otherwise, we fail to see why any other back in the league would be given preference over the veteran Ferguson, who is probably as good today as he ever was.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club