The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 5, 1928
Local Soccer Team Continues Undefeated in Eastern Soccer League

The Bethlehem soccer team continued undefeated in the Eastern Soccer League by defeating the Hispano F. C., here on Saturday by the score of 5 to 1. The Bethlehem team journeyed to New York on Sunday for a return game but the field converted into a quagmire by the heavy rain was unplayable and the contest was postponed.

In the Saturday game against Hispano the locals had things much their own way with the exception of the first few minutes when the going was in favor of the Spanish team.

Starting off with a rush the New Yorkers looked as they would furnish the local league leaders with some real tough competition. McGowan, speedy outside left, notched the first and last tally of the game for his team within a few minutes after the kick off. With one goal against the Steelmen settled down to serious work and after several erring shots managed to slip one past J. Thompson, goalie for the Hispano. McGregor, halfback for Bethlehem was responsible for the goal during a melee in front of the New Yorkers net.

Shortly before the close of the half Jaap, diminutive forward for Bethlehem, broke the stubborn defense of the New Yorkers and notched another for Bethlehem. Hardly had he scored when he slipped another one into the net. The half ended with the score reading 3-1 in favor of Bethlehem.

In the second half the play was listless and slowed considerably. Bethlehem lacked the customary pep and the players were wont to become "fancy." Often times their artistic work resulting in their losing the ball and on several occasions the Hispanos had excellent shots at the goal. In the second half, however, Stark and Gillespie both scored, the latter after dribbling the ball down the field through the entire defense of the Hispano for about 70 yards.

Bethlehem Steel -- Hispano
Edwards -- G -- J. Thompson
Barrie -- RFB -- Frintera
Allen -- LFB -- Parodi
Reid -- RHB -- O'Neil
McGregor -- CHB -- W. Thompson
Carnihan -- LHB -- Patterson
Gillespie -- OR -- W. Healey
Jaap -- IR -- Mullenstein
Stark -- CF - -Crilley
Massie -- IL -- Solano
Rollo -- OL -- McGowan
Goals scored: Jaap 2; McGregor, Stark, Gillespie, McGowan. Referee: Forest. Linesmen: Carpenter and Pepper. Time of halves: 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club