Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, November 5, 1929
Recent Merger May Bring Former Heated Rival Here as Bethlehem Foe

Although no listing of soccer games has yet been announced for the weekend, the Bethlehem soccer team left this morning for an election day exhibition game against Brooklyn confident that when they returned the booking will indicate at least a home game for Saturday afternoon.

At a meeting of soccer representatives held in New York on Sunday at which time Bethlehem again became affiliated with the old American Soccer League crowd overtures were immediately made by the Agar interest in Brooklyn to have the Steelmen come to that city for a game today. Election day games have frequently been played in the Metropolis and usually before very large attendances.

While soccer followers throughout the East were anxiously awaiting some definite announcement relative to the proposed merger of clubs, the name of the new league and the listing of games for the weekend, no statement was forthcoming from the official authorities. It was understood at the Sunday meeting that all these details were to be ironed out when the session resumed yesterday. No hitch to the plans was expected and the delay it is believed might have been occasioned by a tangle encountered in laying out the schedule.

With the announcement that Bethlehem has gone back with the old crowd after the latter had been reinstated into the good graces of the U. S. F. A., the reaction locally has been very favorable.

Once again mingling with old time and heated rivals assures local patrons more spirited battles in games where merit is more equally distributed and now centered in two or three teas as was the case in the Eastern League.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club