The Globe – Bethlehem
Monday, November 6, 1922
Visitors Put Up Better Game Than Was Expected by Locals
Victory Came After 15 Minutes of Second Period Had Been Played

by Sita Dell
Bethlehem Steel soccer team eliminated Fleisher F. C. of Philadelphia from the second round National Cup on Saturday at Bethlehem Steel Field by the score of one goal to none. The visitors exhibited a much better brand of soccer than was expected and it was not until 15 minutes of the second half had been played that the Steel Workers were able to locate the net. Forrest was the successful marksmen with a beautiful shot from twenty yards range that beat the visitors’ custodian all the way.

The soundness of the Bethlehem defense was the main factor that made it possible for the local team to continue as contenders in the championship. The forwards were good individually, but they lacked the combination that is the essence of soccer. Currie at outside left started off well, but his centers in the second half often went behind with his teammates in a position to receive. Rattray played a steady game, but McNiven was off in shooting and was below the standard he set in the Paterson and New York games. Forrest was too much inclined to roam and often left Goldie to forge ahead along. The latter was the best forward in view and was seldom dispossessed when accurately plied with the ball. Raeside received a painful injury in the first minute of play, but continued without a let-up and his defensive work was of a high order.

The Game

The visitors started off with a rush, but Ferguson made a neat clearance. Goldie got away on the left and centered cleverly. Fleming cleared and the ball was soon in the vicinity of Kerr, McLaughlin sending past. Another rush by the visitors gave Kerr a chance to show his worth and he cleverly tipped a fast shot from McLaughlin over the bar for a corner. The center was cleared from the danger zone and the Steel Workers took up the attack and Forrest missed a good chance to open the scoring from close range. Play continued fast and even and the visitors were showing some clever football, the left wing being most prominent. Stradan often tried to break through, but his individual efforts were never dangerous. Toward the end of the first half Bethlehem attacked in determined fashion, but the shooting was poor. Currie missed the best opportunity of the half when he hesitated too long on a pass from Rattray close in.

Second Half

The Steel Workers now seemed to realize that ordinary football would not do against the clever Quakers and in the early stages of the second half they gave a glimpse of the form they are capable of and the visitors’ defense had several anxious moments. After 15 minutes’ play Forrest found the net with a beauty, Kucklick was taken completely by surprise. Bethlehem started well on the kickoff, but the visitors were anything but a beaten team and they tried hard to get within range of Kerr, but they were usually repulsed or forced to shoot from long range and Kerr easily cleared anything that got beyond the backs. In the closing stages the Steel Workers had much the best of the play but they lacked the teamwork that leads to success and the Fleisher defenders made several clearances that would not have been possible if the locals were more familiar with one another’s style. Both goals were in danger toward the finish, but no further scoring took place.

Bethlehem – Fleisher
Kerr – G – Kucklick
Young – RFB – Rodgers
Ferguson – LFB – Fleming
McFarlane – RHB – Demko
Raeside – CHB – White
Terris – LHB – Walker
Currie – OR – Malley
Rattray – IR – Purvis
McNiven – CF – Stradan
Forrest – IL – McLoughlin
Goldie – OL – Galloway

Linesmen: Easton and McKay.
Referee; George Young, Philadelphia. Time of halves, 45 minutes. Goal: Forrest.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club