The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, November 7, 1924
Matter of a Professional Soccer Championship Will Be Thrashed Out in N. Y.

That a professional soccer championship tournament is likely to materialize, worked out on a plan similar to the U. S. F. A. cup competition, is forecast when the moguls of the American Soccer League gather for their regular confab in New York City on Saturday night.

Action along this line is inspired by the invitation of the St. Louis Soccer League and the apparent unanimous approval of the representatives of the American Soccer League clubs. The St. Louis league is recognized as the strongest soccer body in the Middle West and one that is a logical contender to compete for the professional title. The series of games would be similar to that in big league baseball in which the pennant winners of the two major leagues compete for the championship.

The details involved are rather complicated due to the early date necessary for such a championship series. However, it is believed that the American League executives will be able to unravel t he problem and arrive at a favorable solution.

St. Louis suggests that the series of games be played early in March. The clubs in the Middle West are made up mostly of players who during the summer are engaged in baseball. To enable these players to report to their training camps and clubs for the baseball season their schedule closes some time in March. The American Soccer League extends into May so that inasmuch as the winner of the two leagues are concerned, the plan suggested by St. Louis is utterly impossible.

However, the American Soccer League is in sympathy with whatever the St. Louis league does and several plans have been suggested this series of games would be impossible. The most logical plan and the one that will probably be adopted is that a time be set for competition among the American League clubs, along the plan of a cup competition, in which an elimination series be played and the survivor of this series of games be recognized as the club to compete against the St. Louis league, winners for the Professional championship of the United States. This would b e highly appropriate since the American League clubs are eliminated in the National Cup competition of the U. S. F. A.

Since the plan does not interfere on conflict with the National cup competition which is open to amateur as well as professional teams, no opposition is expected from the U. S. F. A. Interest in a professional championship in which the clubs recognized as the strongest in the country it is believed would be stimulated even greater than the National Cup tie.

At any rate this project is going to be one of the most important matters to be discussed at the American League meeting Saturday evening. If approved and adopted the championship series will probably mean two out of three games. One game to be played in St. Louis and the other in the East, most likely the New York district. If a third game is necessary it would probably be played on a neutral ground.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club