The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, November 7, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

From Across the Pond
Echoes from across the pond on the soccer controversy involving the American Soccer League, the United States Football Association, and the recently organized Eastern Soccer League, are voiced in the following taken from the Athletic News, a sporting paper published in England:

"A split has occurred between the Football Association and League in America. T he annual report of the United States Football Association, from which extracts were quoted in the "Athletic News" some time back, continued evidence that trouble was brewing.

"One of the complaints was that the American Soccer League, which is the professional league corresponding with the football league of England, disregarded on several occasions suspension notices promulgated by the Federation Internationale de Football Association -- a fact of interest to British professional clubs in connection with "jumped" contracts. It has now developed into a breakaway by the U. S. F. A. who have notified the British Associations of their action. In so doing, they express the hope that their relations with our governing bodies "will never be other than amicable."

"The position in American seems to be chaotic. The United States Football Association have canceled the membership of the American Soccer League as from October 7 and all the registrations of professional players in the league are null and void as far as the United States Football Association is concerned.

"Three league clubs, however, are excluded from the embargo. These are Bethlehem Steel, New York Giants and Newark, who seem to be left in the air.

"No doubt the league failed to comply with the U. S. F. A.'s order to lift suspensions and fines imposed on these clubs that the national association cut the league adrift.

"No doubt the league, which has made more than one innovation that would not appeal to the governors of the game in Britain, will carry on. Two separate national bodies, however, probably mean a tug-of-war.

"Such are American's birth pains."

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club