The Globe -- Bethlehem
November 8, 1920
Visitors Resort to Rushing Game Which Carries Locals Off Their Feet
Former Champions, However, Play More Finished Game -- No Blame on Easton

by Sita Dell
Bethlehem Steel's aspirations for National soccer championship went a-glimmering for the season 1920-21, when the final whistle blew in the game at Federal Field, Harrison, N. J., Erie A. A. being victorious by the score of 4 goals to 3.

The score just about represents the run of the game. Bethlehem played more finished football, but the Eries played the style of [...] that has always been noted [...] particularly adapted to cup games. They rushed the ball to Bethlehem's territory without any regard to [...] method, whereas the Steel Workers stuck to the old finished football that prevails in the league contests.

The greatest weakness of the Steel Workers was at the [...]side forward positions, receiving very poor support from Forrest and Satterwaite. The Bethlehem halfbacks were not up to standard, particularly Morrison, who had great difficulty in controlling the clever right wing of the Eries. Easton could not be blamed for any of the goals that beat him, as all were cleverly diverted beyond his reach.

For the Eries, Cooper was the most brilliant and was easily the best man on the side of the winners. Heminsley was always dangerous, but Stark, the inside right, was the most effective forward on the Erie line. The Erie defense was usually reliable, Ward in goal playing the best game of his career. Blakey, at left halfback was a tower of strength to the Erie team.

Rough tactics by Rogers spoiled his effectiveness, Brown [...] in some beautiful centers despite the fact that Wilson was usually his master.

Erie won the toss and Bethlehem kicked off, and Eries were the first to attack, Ferguson [...] and the Bethlehem left wing broke away, Fleming sending past. Several long exchanges ended in Blakey sending the ball across to the right wing. Morrison made an effort to head the ball clear, but misjudged its flight and Knowles, cutting in beat Easton with a low shot, after nine minutes of play.

The Eries again broke away and Heminsley was called up for offside. The Bethlehem line broke away and offside against Fleming nullified any danger for the Erie defense. Again Erie carried the ball to Bethlehem territory and Easton was called upon to save from Heminsley. Stark forced a corner on Campbell, but Bethlehem cleared, and Brittan got away to a nice run passing to Wilson after drawing the fullbacks to himself. Wilson returned the ball and Brittan tied the score with a beautiful shot from twelve yards. Heminsley again spoiled a clever effort by the Eries by getting offside and t he Bethlehem right wing showed clever football in the open.

Wilson shot past with Brittan and Forrest, in a position to receive a center. A clever run by Stark ended in the later shooting wide, and Fleming got away on Easton's kick, and the outside left sent a [...] dropping shot into goal. Goalkeeper Ward and Post got mixed up in the anxiety to clear and before they could recover, Brittan had breasted the ball into the net.

Bethlehem was now playing with great dash, but they could not add to their score, and in the next few minutes the Eries made the score two each. Stark headed the ball into the net on free kick awarded against Wilson. With the score now tied, both teams battled desperately for the winning goal, and the [...] the lead with the [...] of a corner, well placed by Knowles [...] twelve yards out, heading the ball toward the goal. It lacked [...] to carry it into the net, but Heminsley cleverly helped it on its way and Easton was beaten for the third time. The score at the end of the first half was Erie 3, Bethlehem 2.

In the second half both teams started off at the same killing pace and it seemed only a question of which team would crack first, but the great importance of the game seemed to carry both teams beyond their usual stride. Bethlehem was the first to attack and Brittan was called up for offside. Easton conceded a corner on a shot from Brown that was gong past. The ball was cleared, but again Brown returned and forced a corner off Wilson. Stark headed Brown's center toward goal, but Easton cleared cleverly and Bethlehem's left wing broke clear, and Ward was called upon to save from Fleming. Shots by Brittan, Fleming, and Forrest kept Ward busy, but the Erie custodian w as in brilliant form and all efforts were cleared easily.

Cooper placed neatly to Heminsley, but the latter shot past, when he should have scored. Two corners against Bethlehem looked bad, but Easton cleared the first one and Wilson the second. The Eries again attacked, Stark being called up for offside. Brown forced a corner, but the center was cleared. Brown again got possession and again centered so accurately that Heminsley had little trouble heading the ball into the net. It now looked long odds on Bethlehem being defeated, but the Steel Workers braced and in the next two minutes Wilson scored a beautiful goal on a pass from Campbell. The score was now 4 to 3 in favor of Erie and both teams were battling hard. The Eries resorted to kicking out tactics to waste time, and this style of play was received unfavorably by a big section of the crowd who were out to see the best team win irrespective of partisanship. A penalty was awarded against Wilson, but Cooper shot direct at the goalkeeper and Easton had no difficulty in clearing. Eries broke away but Heminsley was called up for offside. Ferguson conceded a corner, but the ball was sent behind. Bethlehem attacked with great desperation in the closing minutes and it looked as if Fleming had the ball over the line from close range, but the referee decided otherwise, and Brittan broke through for a last desperate effort, Post conceding a corner with the goalkeeper out of his goal. This was the most fortunate break the Eries received in the game and the most unfortunate for Bethlehem. Before the ball could be kicked from the corner the referee blew his whistle, terminating the game with the final score 4 to 3 in favor of Erie.

Erie -- Bethlehem
Ward -- G -- Easton
Ingram -- RFB -- Wilson
Post -- LFB -- Ferguson
Rogers -- RHB -- Murray
Cooper -- CHB -- Campbell
Blakey -- LHB -- Morrison
Knowles -- OR -- Wilson
Stark -- IR -- Satterwaite
Heminsley -- CF -- Brittan
Ford -- IL -- Forrest
Brown -- OL -- Fleming
Goals -- Heminsley 2, Stark, Knowles. For Bethlehem, Brittan 2, Wilson. Referee, Schofield. Linesmen, Esplin, Newark, and Cunningham, Brooklyn. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club