The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 9, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Captain Willie Carnihan
Two or three seasons ago we witnessed Willie Carnihan, Bethlehem Steel center halfback, give what was then believed his greatest exhibition as a soccer player in this country. Old time critics continued to point to that game against the New York F. C. as Carnihan's greatest. There is now room for argument and that is based on his showing as a center halfback in the first international game ever played in America. Playing as though possessed, Carnihan gave a display of soccer that was probably never before equaled by a center halfback in this country, or in fact anywhere else. Against the pick of Canada, Carnihan was at his best in spite of the heavy going, breaking up attack after attack and quite often slipping through to become a threat on the attack and placing the ball repeated to the toe of Stark. It was a wise selection when Carnihan, who for three seasons has captained the Steel Workers, was honored with the same distinction as leader of the American team.

Bethlehem Players Capture Plaudits
Twenty-two players were engaged in that International contest and of these Carnihan stood out head and shoulders over the rest. But Bethlehem had other representatives on that team, who in contributing to the work of Carnihan also shared the honors. In making this assertion it is only necessary to refer to the comments on the game. Instead of a picked team, it would seem that a Bethlehem team opposed the cream of the Dominion. Carnihan on the defense and Archie Stark and Malcolm Goldie the dominant factors on the offense, accurately describes the run of the game. It was this trio of players who captivated the plaudits of the eight thousand spectators and in spite of the heavy going, linked up with a strong combination, gave one of the most brilliant soccer displays ever witnessed in New York. Four times Stark located the net and it was his uncanny accuracy in placing the ball past the Canadian goalie and Goldie's pacing that annihilated the Canadian dribblers.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club