The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 9, 1925
Jersey Soccer Team No Match For The Steel Workers Who Win 7 to 1

Bethlehem Steel dribblers annihilated Newark F. C. in an American Soccer League game on Steel Field here Saturday afternoon, walloping the Jerseyites for the count of 7 goals to 1. How completely Bethlehem monopolized the play is seen by the fact that Carson, the Steel Workers custodian, handled the ball exactly once, and in clearing on this effort, it was a weak attempt to score on the part of Sundberg from long range.

The Steel Workers peppered the Newark citadel with about every shot known to the game. From the very start, shots were flying at Labus, the visitors' goalie, and several brilliant saves were accomplished. However, it was inevitable that some of these shots must located and such was the case after twenty minutes of play, when Jim Purvis, playing a bang up game at inside right, headed in on a corner kick.

From then on until the final whistle it was just a matter of how many goals Bethlehem would score. Newark did not present one real threat in the entire one hour and a half of play. Forward movements, if such they could b e called, seldom traversed beyond midfield, where the Bethlehem backs and halfbacks were seemingly lined up throughout the most of the game.

One-sided Contest

The Steel machine was too much for the visitors, and although they apparently fought determinedly and gave their best display, they could not cope with the strong machine of the Bethlehem team. Carson was one player injected in the lineup like "excess baggage." Twice in the early minutes of the opening half the visitors rushed the ball down the field and forced corner kicks, but that was about as close as they ever came to scoring. On the other hand, the Steel Workers were hovering continually in Newark territory.

After twenty minutes of play Bethlehem notched the first goal. It came after the visitors conceded a corner to relieve a determined attack. Forrest took the kick and centered perfectly, with Purvis in line for the ball. The Bethlehem inside right tipped his head and the sphere went gliding into the net.

The kickoff and then another forward movement and within two minutes after his first success. Purvis located the goal with a beautiful shot from about twenty-five yards out. But the Steel Workers were not yet done. More scores were to come and it was to Stark that opportunity came. The brilliant Bethlehem center forward had been shooting wicked shots at goal, several of which were saved and others that came dangerously close to entering the net. On a corner kick from Goldie he could not be denied, for which accurate aim he deflected the ball with his head into the corner of the net.

An Inside Left Scores

By this time all the forwards were taking shots at the goal and even the halfbacks ventured close enough to try their shooting skills. Robertson, playing inside left at first made unsuccessful efforts to score and was finally rewarded when in the last two minutes of play he took a pass from Purvis and counted.

The second half was a listless affair, with Bethlehem apparently easing up in their attempts to score. In spite of this, three more goals were notched before the final whistle. Purvis counted his third about twenty minutes after the half started by converting a pass from Forrest. Then Stark came through tin dashing style to equal the achievement of his inside right and counted the last two goals. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Newark
Carson -- G -- Labus
D. Ferguson - -RFB -- Fleming
J. Ferguson -- LFB -- Gustafson
McDonald -- RHB -- Kelly
Carnihan -- CHB -- Dally
MacGregor -- LHB -- Nicol
Forrest -- OR -- McAustin
Purvis -- IR -- Gibson
Stark -- CF -- Kirby
Robertson -- IL -- Sundberg
Goldie -- OL -- Rafferty
Referee, Couts. Linesmen, Brown and Allen. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club