The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, November 9, 1926
Edwards at Goal, Stark and Forrest Shine in 3-2 Canadian Victory.

It was a big task that Bethlehem undertook to tackle Ulster United, of Toronto, champions of Canada, after having played two games in successive days at Pawtucket and Newark. The task was all the more magnified in that on each occasion they were opposed by a fresh aggregation, while the Steelworkers were spending their nights sleeping on boats or trains.

There was equally as much determination upon the part of each of the opponents to garner a victory at the expense of the United States National Champions. With this kind of a setting it may be easily conjectured with what determination the Steelworkers faced their opponents at Toronto, winning 3 to 2.

Edwards Saves Scores

The effect of their previous two days playing and traveling was shown in the first twenty minutes of play, during which time the Canadians held the predominance of play. During this period the Bethlehem defense was most severely tested and equally proved its worth; Edwards, in goal, effecting two great saves, and displaying his characteristic game which, without a doubt, stimulated his fellow players to greater action. With twenty minutes to play behind them the Steelworkers commenced to strike their stride, and from that moment forward the course of play was entirely in their own direction. Before half time Smith was called upon to make two miraculous saves. Half time found the teams on equal terms, and the score sheet a blank.

The second half had barely been under way, when Kelly managed to score in spite of a great effort on the part of Edwards. This setback, as so often is the case, proved the stimulant that is necessary to extract the very best from the Steelworkers, and it had its effect by producing three great goals in rapid succession.

Stark Scores

First, Stark scored on a movement which he started by sending a ball out to Goldie, who promptly centered into goal, where Stark, beating the goalkeeper to the ball, deftly touched it past him. The second came a few minutes later when the ball traveled the entire course of the right wing, the final movement, Jaap to Stark, enabling the latter from the six yard line to again beat the goalkeeper. The third was not long delayed, but undoubtedly was the greatest goal of the match. Carnihan started a movement by placing to Goldie, who touched forward to Forrest while in his stride, and taking a first time effort from twenty-five yards he landed the ball in the upper corner of the net, with the goalkeeper hopelessly beaten.

With the score standing 3-1in the Steelworkers' favor, and the run of the play all their own way, the Canadians seized an opportunity five minutes from end, when Graham drove a grounder from twelve yards, which Edwards managed to reach with his finger tips, but only to find the ball touch the inside of the post, and carom inwards.

The game proved to be keen competition between the champion teams of both countries. As a whole, the match left a great impression upon the 5,000 spectators. Probably the greatest incident was a first time effort from Stark, who from twenty yards, meeting a Goldie center before the ball reached the ground, and while on the half turn volleyed it at tremendous pace, the ball traveling no higher than a foot from the ground. Fortunately for the opposition, the goalkeeper happened to be standing in the course of the ball's flight, else it would have been impossible to have prevented a great goal. Tremendous applause greeted this effort and many of the Canadians gave vent to their expression that this shot alone was worth the price of admission. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Ulster United
Edwards -- G -- Smith
Eadie -- RFB -- Johnston
Allan -- LFB -- Dinnie
Rankin -- RHB -- Clulow
Carnihan -- CHB -- Williams
Robertson -- LHB -- Watt
Jaap -- OR -- Faulkner
Granger -- IR -- Galloway
Stark -- CF -- Graham
Forrest -- IL -- Kelly
Goldie -- OL -- Moir
Goal scorers -- Bethlehem: Stark 2, Forrest; Ulster United, Kelly, Graham.

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