The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Friday, November 9, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Startling News
The New York Evening Post in a current issue broadcasts the startling news, if such it might be called, that a meeting of the American Soccer League will be held this evening at the Hotel Biltmore, in Providence, at which news of sensational character will be revealed. The purpose of the meeting, it is understood, is the formation of a new soccer association to vie with the U. S. F. A. and incidentally seek members at present affiliated with the U. S. F. A. Conceding that many of the clubs in the Southern New York Association, in which Nat Agar, of the Brooklyn Wanderers, is a powerful influence, and some of the New England clubs will join the ranks of the new association, the inroads to be made on the U. S. F. A. will hardly be noticed. Messages from the Middle West, where soccer is flourishing, pledge support 100 percent to the parent organization.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club