The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 10, 1919
Saturday's Cup Match at Philadelphia Resulted in 6 to 1 Score.

Held scoreless in the first half, the Bethlehem Steel soccer champions showed their class in the final period of the game against the Germantown Boys' Club, on Saturday, winning with ease by the score of 6 to 1. The game was the second round in the American Cup competition.

The champions, recently returned from Sweden, where they played on the biggest fields in the country, felt squeezed and out of place when they lined up against the Germantown boys on their short and narrow field. It proved a severe handicap to the champions and until they found the range of the field many of their attempts to score looked foolish.

Several opportunities to score were presented in the first half, but fell short. However, at the restart the champions got going and in less than no time started to locate the net at regular intervals. It was not long before Forrest had registered the first point, followed closely by Pepper who hooked the ball into the net at close range. After some midfield play, McKelvey counted number three, with the fourth goal from Forrest. Forrest, who appeared to be having the hardest time to find the range of the goal, came through with a brace towards the finish, bringing the total up to six.

The Germantown boys, accustomed to their field, had several opportunities to score in the opening half, especially on one occasion when Duncan left the goal uncovered but the shot went wide. Bethlehem netted the ball in this half but Referee Oats disallowed the goal for offside.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club