Bethlehem Globe
Monday, November 10, 1927
Bethlehem Steel has Four More Games in First Leg of League Race.

Several important matters were transacted at the special meeting of the American Soccer League in Providence on Wednesday night, among which the advisability of increasing the price of admission to games was discussed, together with arranging the schedule necessary since Philadelphia and Hartford are no longer members of the league. The revised schedule was arranged up to and including December 18.

The games for Bethlehem follow:

Nov. 19 – Brooklyn at Bethlehem.
Nov. 20 – Bethlehem at New York Giants.
Nov. 26 – Giants at Bethlehem.
Nov. 27 – Bethlehem at Fall River.
Dec. 3 – Fall River at Bethlehem.
Dec. 4 – Bethlehem at Newark.
Dec. 10 – Newark at Bethlehem.
Dec. 11 – Bethlehem at Brooklyn.
Dec. 17 – Providence at Bethlehem.
Dec. 18 – Bethlehem at Providence.

Four more games remain for Bethlehem in the first half of the schedule, of which Fall River here on Saturday and Providence to follow later, are the only home games. On three other occasions the Steelmen will be away for games against Boston, Fall River and New York Giants.

The increase in the price of admission for all American Soccer League games and which his fixed by the league executives, was freely discussed. IT is proposed to increase the admission to 75 cents or one dollar. A vote will be taken on the proposition at a meeting to be held two weeks hence. Fall River, New Bedford, Bethlehem and Coats are the only clubs that have established 50 cents as the price of admission. General admission at Boston and Providence is 70 cents while Newark, Giants, Nationals and Brooklyn have the standard set at one dollar.

The much heralded Stevenson case was finally disposed of when Providence, a club managed by Sam Fletcher, former Bethlehem player, decided to withdraw its legal action against the league. As a result the action taken last night means that Stevenson stands suspended. Stevenson is accused of jumping a contract.

Bethlehem was invited to journey to New Bedford for an exhibition game on Thanksgiving Day and the offer is receiving serious consideration. It is also understood that some tentative plans for a game in Philadelphia on Thanksgiving Day are being negotiated.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club