Bethlehem Globe
Thursday, November 10, 1927
Former Steel Soccer Star Now a Member of Fall River Aggregation.

Harold Brittan, once a popular favorite in Bethlehem by virtue of his connection with the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club, will return to this city on Saturday afternoon as a heated rival. Brittan will come here as a member of the Fall River team and will be seen in action at the center forward berth in the American Soccer League game on Lehigh Field.

Brittan’s career as a player in this country has been quite checkered in spite of the fact that he is still recognized as one of the best center forwards in major league soccer. Starting his American career as a center forward of the Steelmen, he, with a raft of other Bethlehem players some years back forsook the Steelmen to cast his lot with Fall River.

For several seasons Brittan was the king pin on the front line of the National champions and his dashing play and thorough understanding of the game contributed much to the success of the Marksmen. Then differences developed and Brittan turned in his Fall River uniform. Fall River began to slip and it was not long before Brittan was brought back to Fall River in a desperate effort to bolster the strength of the team.

With Brittan now the pivot of the Fall River front line, the National champions have a clever and always dangerous player in that position. In fact, Fall River with Harvey, former Coats celebrity at outside right, White, outside left, McAuley, one of the Irishmen who starred with the Philadelphia team, at inside left and McEachran, outside left, boasts of one of the best balanced and most dangerous forward liens in American League soccer.

The Steelmen have made the rounds of all other league teams and will complete the circuit with the Fall River game, the first meeting between these two teams this season. IN view of the rivalry and the keen desire of each club to win, the Bethlehem management is making every effort to get the players into condition and field the strongest club possible.

While hopes were entertained of having Dave Edwards back for duty in the Saturday game this hope was dashed following the training on Wednesday when the brilliant goalie complained about his injured shoulder and it was practically definitely decided to use Geudert between the uprights. The Steelmen will also miss the services of McConnell, dangerous goal scoring forward, but contend that with Stark, Gillespie, Jaap and Goldie on the forward line, this quartet of players will provide plenty of deception and give the Fall River defense much to contend with. Both Goldie and Jaap were under the weather but are thoroughly recovered to play their best.

Fall River has been a hard club to defeat on the local grounds and with this in mind the outcome of the Saturday game against the National champions promises to have an important bearing on the chances of the Steelmen in the league race. Up to third position, the league champions dropped a peg and are again coasting along in fourth place, trailing New Bedford, Boston and Brooklyn.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club