The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, November 11, 1924
Brooklyn Wanderers Conquerors of Boston, Will Be Here on Saturday.

The rejuvenated Bethlehem Steel F. C. gets its first real test in several weeks over the coming weekend when the outcome of the game promises to have an important bearing in the league race. The local dribblers meet the strong Brooklyn Wanderers here on Saturday afternoon, playing their game on the Steel Field and the following day will journey to Greater New York for a return engagement with Brooklyn.

Every bit as important as the Fall River game in Bethlehem several weeks ago will be the clash with the Brooklyn aggregation for the visitors have accomplished a feat no other club in the American Soccer League has been successful in doing. That feat that brought out the Brooklyn club as a real contender for the league honors was the administering a 3 to 1 defeat to the strong Boston professional club, the only setback experience by the Hubmen this season. And that the victory was no fluke was evidenced the following day when Fall River was held to a two-goal draw.

That describes about as vividly as possible the opposition the local dribblers are to face on Saturday afternoon. It will be a team that is made up of several international stars as a nucleus for the brilliant other talent that fits in perfectly in the highly geared soccer machine.

If Bethlehem is successful in vanquishing the Brooklynites visions of an American League pennant adorning the flag pole on the Steel lot are materially brightened. The latest standing of the American Soccer League clubs shows Bethlehem battling up among the top for the league leadership which at present is held by Boston. Bethlehem is riding comfortably in fourth place in the point column no more than three points behind Boston and but one point separating Fall River and Indiana Flooring for second place. Four points over the weekend, possible only by a dual victory over Brooklyn is more than likely to change the standing of the clubs considerably with a chance of Bethlehem coming to the top.

With this in mind Bethlehem will pit its strongest against the Brooklyn invaders, a team that man for man is recognized as equal to any in the country. Bethlehem will throw its star forward line comprising Forrest, Granger, Maxwell, Goldie and Stark against the invaders and with this combination working smoothly local followers are confident that the best defense the visitors can produce cannot stop them from scoring goals. As for the Bethlehem defense the players seem to be at their best against the strongest opposition. This was proven in more than one game this season.

It is possible that Bill Carnihan the fighting center halfback and captain of the Steel Workers will resume playing after several weeks' layoff. Carnihan is fully recovered from an illness which kept him on the sidelines and started training late last week. It is also possible that Davy Ferguson, young brother of the veteran Jock Ferguson will be paired with Young on the backs.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club