The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 12, 1928
Bowl Over Rangers Here and then Journey to New York and Trip Hakoah

Two brilliant victories over the weekend, the first here on Saturday afternoon against a revamped I. R. T. Rangers eleven of New York City by the score of 7 to 3 and the second in New York on Sunday over the Hakoahs 2 to 1 enabling the crack Bethlehem soccer team to make the first round in the new Eastern League without a defeat. As a result the locals are topping the league and boosted their percentage materially by downing the Hakoah. The defeat was the first experienced by Hakoah, runner for the league honors.

Woefully weak on the defense but fortified with a forward line that was sparkling in its performance, the Rangers proved easy sailing for Bethlehem, losing by the one-sided count of 7 to 3.

The game was but a few minutes gone when Rollo, close to the net, converted a beautiful center from Jaap, and this success was repeated an instant later when after a movement down the left wing, Rollo whipped a stinging drive across the goal mouth which Jaap tipped in for the second counter. Before the half ended Bethlehem was three up. Rollo again paving the way for the third marker when he centered perfectly and Stark headed in.

In the first forty-five minutes the play was almost exclusively Bethlehem's and more or less listless due to the apparent supremacy of the home booters. Occasionally there was a thrill on the Rangers breakaways which although few and far between were threatening as evidenced by the two corners forced in this period.

After the restart the playing was faster and more interesting. The Rangers were encouraged when shortly after play started the forwards went breezing down the field, playing pretty and tricky football to evade the Bethlehem defense and topping their movement with a well earned goal. Dawson, a youngster substituted in this half, notched the goal. And it was the same Dawson who before the game ended scored his second goal while McEachern, former Fall River forward, accounted for the third.

But for every goal that the Rangers scored Bethlehem retaliated by adding to their total with Massie, Jaap, Gillespie and Rollo each notching a counter in the second half. One of the cleverest scored goals ever witnessed on the home field was accounted by Massie. It was the opening goal of the second half. Stark, in a solo effort took the ball down the right wing with Massie moving in center. Easily evading the defense Stark passed directly to the goal mouth from where Massie back heeled the ball into the net, much to the surprise of McClure, in goal for the Rangers. If the Rangers can secure a defense to balance the present forward line, the team should develop into one of the most formidable opponents in the circuit. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Rangers
Edwards -- G -- McClure
Barrie -- RFB -- Reynolds
Allan -- LFB -- Webster
Reid -- RHB -- Mullen
Carnihan -- CHB -- Comiskey
MacGregor -- LHB -- Mitchell
Gillespie -- OR -- Oliver
Jaap -- IR -- Connor
Stark -- CF -- Kennedy
Massie -- IL -- Pearce
Rollo -- OL -- McEachern
Goals: Stark, Jaap 2, Rollo 2, Massie, Gillespie, Dawson 2, McEachern. Substitution: Dawson for Connor. Referee: Fred Pepper. Linesmen: Forrest and Carpenter. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Win in New York

The soccer classic thus far this season was witnessed by some five thousand rabid spectators in New York yesterday afternoon when Bethlehem in is most important game this season emerged triumphant over Hakoah by the score of 2 to 1.

The game was not settled until the final minute, the Jewish players keeping Edwards, the Bethlehem goalie, on the jump after Massie had driven in the winning goal twenty minutes after the second half started. The first half ended in a 1 to 1 tie. Tommy Gillespie scoring for the victors and Max Gruenwald for Hakoah.

The game was hard-fought and in one collision, Fischer, the Hakoah goalie, received a shoulder injury that forced him out before the scoring began.

The opening play was in favor of Bethlehem, and twice they were within an ace of scoring. Stark broke clean through, but a masterful save by Fischer prevented any damage. Gillespie followed with a great run and tearing his way on toward the Hakoah goal looked certain to score, but Fischer ran out and saved the day.

The Jewish team transferred the play to the other end where Edwards blocked Wortmann's shot with a sensational save. Immediately afterward Gruenwald had a try, but again the Bethlehem goalie blocked the way. Back again went the ball like lightening and the crowd was upon its feet as Stark got clean through. Fischer sprang out and stopped him, but went down in a heap and was forced to retire with an injured shoulder. Fabian took his place.

After twenty minutes Tommy Gillespie got well away on the right and sent in a high dropping shot, which completely fooled Fabian, the ball entering the top left-hand corner of the net for the first goal.

Hakoah played harder than ever and one long yell poured out from the stands as desperate attempts were made to score. Success came at thirty minutes, when Max Gruenwald got his left foot working in a mix-up and tied up the count. At half-time the teams were still deadlocked.

Bethlehem almost took the lead upon resuming, when a terrific shot from Archie Stark spun Fabian around and nearly knocked the goalie into the goal. The Bethlehem players argued strongly for a goal, claiming that Fabian was over the line, but the referee, after consulting both linesmen, ruled otherwise.

Another volley from Stark again rocked the Hakoah goalkeeper. Massie drove in the winning goal after twenty minutes of play following a mad scramble in the goal mouth.

Bethlehem (2) -- Hakoah (1)
Edwards -- G -- Fischer
Barrie -- RFB -- Gross
Allan -- LFB -- Drucker
Reid -- RHB -- Sloan
Carnihan -- CHB -- Guttman
McGregor -- LHB -- Eisenhoffer
Gillespie -- OR -- Schwarz
Jaap -- IR -- Haeusler
Stark -- CF -- Gruenwald
Massie -- IL -- Wortmann
Rollo -- OL -- Nicholsburger
Goals: Gillespie, Massie, Gruenwald. Referee: C. E. Creighton. Linesmen: F. de Groof and H. Evans. Time of halves: 45 minutes.

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