The Globe Bethlehem
Monday, November 13, 1922
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Bethlehem Eliminated in American Cup
Fleisher Yarn, a team that the week previous held Bethlehem to a one goal victory in a National Cup competition, avenged that defeat on Saturday afternoon by eliminating Bethlehem in the American Cup, the foremost competition in the country, and the American League. The victory for Fleisher, an amateur team of the Allied League last season, places them on a par with the best clubs in the country. That it was a complete surprise to Bethlehem followers goes without saying. Seems that upsets not only occur in football this year but soccer as well is experiencing its share. Harrison, a dangerous contender went to Pawtucket on Saturday and held the J & P Coats aggregation to a scoreless tie but the following day lost to Fall River by a score of 2 goals to 1. This Harrison team, by the way, includes in its lineup Jimmy Campbell, who despite his many years of service seems to be the daddy of all halfbacks and Jim Fletcher, both former Bethlehem players.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club