The Globe – Bethlehem
Monday, November 13, 1929
Local Soccer Team Eliminated from Second Round American Cup Tie Saturday

by Sita Dell
The Fleisher Yarn soccer team got ample revenge on Saturday when they emerged victorious from the second round American Cup game with Bethlehem Steel. The game went into two extra periods of 15 minutes before the Quakers were able to register the winning goal. A penalty kick given against Ferguson for holding in the penalty area and converted by McLaughlin proved to be the margin that separated the teams at the end of two hours’ incessant struggling. IN actual play Bethlehem was superior to the Fleishers, but inability to convert opportunities into goals proved their undoing. The shooting of the forwards was exceptionally poor, many shots from apparently easy scoring distance going harmlessly over the bar. Goldie was the only Bethlehem forward who lived up to his previous standard and he was responsible for the finest goal of the game. Fleishers played in real cup tie fashion from the first whistle and the break that gave them the penalty also gave them additional confidence. McLaughlin and Galloway on the left wing were always dangerous and they were mainly responsible for the effectiveness of the Fleisher vanguard.

The Game

Fleisher won the toss and chose to play with the wind behind them. Bethlehem was first to attack and Currie hit the upright from close range in the first minute of play. The goalkeeper was completely beaten, but the ball bounced back into play and was cleared by Fleming. Play continued fast and both goals were repeatedly in danger. After 25 minutes’ play of an even nature Ferguson was struck on the arm by the ball inside the penalty area. Referee Young awarded a penalty despite the apparent unintentional nature of the offense and McLaughlin gave Kerr no chance with the placement kick. Bethlehem seemed to play listlessly after this reverse and before they recovered Fleishers again registered when the center forward took advantage of a misunderstanding between the Bethlehem goalkeeper and fullbacks.

Second Half

The Steel Workers started off the second half in great style and in the first twenty minutes of play Fleishers were busy defending. Shots were sent into the goal and over the bar from all angles and eight corners were conceded by the hard pressed Fleisher defense. Kucklick gave a great exhibition in goal, but several shots that seemed to have him beat skimmed the upright or crossbar. After 25 minutes’ play Goldie broke through after cleverly beating three defenders and sent the ball into the corner of the net. Kucklick was helpless with the shot. Bethlehem continued to have the best of this half and it was seldom that the Quakers got within shooting range of Kerr. Fifteen minutes from time Terris got the equalizing goal from close range on a pass from the right wing.

Two extra periods of 15 minutes each were ordered and after 5 minutes’ play, during which neither side had the advantage, the Fleisher right wing broke clear. The outside right sent in a good shot, but Kerr stopped it and it looked like clearing, but before he was able to do so the Fleisher forwards swooped down on him and rushed, goalkeeper and ball over the line.

The lineup:

Fleisher Yarn – Bethlehem
Kucklick – G – Kerr
Rodgers – RFB – Young
Fleming – LFB – Ferguson
Demko – RHB – McFarlane
Whyte – CHB – Terris
Walker – LHB – Forrest
Malley – OR – Currie
Mackay – IR – Rattray
Purvis – CF – McNiven
McLaughlin – IL – Campbell
Galloway – OL – Goldie
Goals for Fleisher – McLaughlin 2, Purvis. Goals for Bethlehem: Goldie, Terris.

Referee: George Young, Philadelphia. Linesmen: Lavery and Easton. Total time: 2 hours.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club