The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, November 14, 1924
Steel Team's Captain And Center Halfback Will Get into Game

Bethlehem -- Brooklyn
Highfield -- G -- Smith
Young -- RFB -- Marshall
D. Ferguson -- LFB -- Fleming
McDonald -- RHB -- Shortt
Carnihan (MacGregor) -- CHB -- Moore
Robertson -- LHB -- Calderwood
Forrest (Turner) -- OR -- Hogg
Granger -- IR -- Hosle
Stark -- CF -- Nelson
Maxwell -- IL -- Curtis
Goldie -- OL -- Yule
Kickoff -- 3 p.m.

Bill Carnihan, captain and center halfback of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team will resume his regular position after a lapse of several weeks due to illness in the game against the Brooklyn Wanderers on the Steel Field tomorrow afternoon. The return of Carnihan to his old position assures the management of fielding its strongest club for while his position was well taken care of by Bob MacGregor, the latter could probably be used to better advantage at his regular position.

Carnihan returns to the Steel Workers' lineup after weeks of idleness during which he was recuperating from an operation on a tooth. His acquisition at this time is also timely for Bob MacGregor, who recently joined the ranks of the benedicts is not expected to return from his wedding trip in time to play. If the brilliant MacGregor is among the missing tomorrow afternoon he will most surely start against the Brooklynites at the latter in the return game on Sunday. Carnihan went through training this week and yesterday did his stuff like a frisky young colt. He shows no ill effects of his long layoff and strongly impressed the local management with his work in the regular Thursday scrimmage.

Another regular to return to the lineup after recovering from a siege of illness will be Davy Ferguson who with Jock Young are the Bethlehem fullbacks. Ferguson since his illness had his initial tryout against Wolfenden-Shore in an exhibition game at Philadelphia last Sunday and also seemed none the worse for his illness. In returning to the lineup he relieves his brother Jock Ferguson, who took care of the position in the last several games.

In only one position other than center halfback is there any doubt as to which of the two players available will start tomorrow. That is at outside right where the final choice will be made between Forrest and Turner. The latter probably will be favored and Forrest started the next day as a fresh forward against Brooklyn at Brooklyn.

In the visitors' lineup most interest will be centered in the playing of Jock Marshall, reputed to be one of the best backs in the country, and Johnny Nelson, the visitors' brilliant center forward. Marshall is a seasoned player and prior to coming to this country to cast his lot with the Brooklynites starred with the Greenock-Morton, first division Scottish club. He played on the same club from which Bob MacGregor, the Bethlehem Steel halfback came.

Unusual interest is manifest in the two tilts over the weekend, the first of which is played here for the outcome threatens to be the making or breaking of one or the other clubs. Bethlehem is leading the Brooklyn team in the league r ace by the scant margin of one point and nothing but a dual victory will increase the Bethlehem advantage in the club standing.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club