The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Monday, November 16, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Want More Pay
The threatened strike among soccer officials, rumored since the start of the American soccer League season, has arrived. The arbiters in the booting game are kicking for more money. All members of the American Soccer League are notified to refrain from officiating in games until further notice. The contention of the officials is that the responsibilities in handling the American Soccer League games are too great for the salaries paid and that the same money can be secured in officiating in games where responsibilities are less. The league executives are not taken by surprise by the strike call. Such rumors have been prevalent for some time, with quite a few officials making open declaration that a strike would shortly be called. A meeting of the league was held on Sunday, at which the moguls refused to accede to the demands of the officials for higher pay. Most of the clubs are said to be willing to make the concession, provided, however, that there is a guaranteed competency among the officials appointed.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club