The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Monday, November 16, 1926
These Kicks However Are Not With Pedal Extremities – Ask For More Money.

The attitude of players toward officials and of the referees toward the league were the chief matters discussed at a four and one half hour session of the American Soccer League executives and representatives in New York Sunday afternoon.

Players Criticized

President Cunningham denounced the attitude of the players toward the referees, stressing the lack of discipline in the league and the slight respect accorded the officials. After he had finished, the referees presented an ultimatum in which they threatened to refuse to work unless they were guaranteed an increase in salary.

As the matter now stands the strike of the officials is tabled to be discussed pending developments in the games over the weekend. The league made it plain that it resented the attitude of the officials in presenting an ultimatum and contend that the proper course of procedure would have been to discuss the differences through committees.

The outcome of the strike will probably result in the organization of a referee’s association, to be comprised of twelve referees who will work on the basis of a fixed salary for the season, a plan similar to that dealing with umpires in major league baseball.

However, before an action is taken the league await developments over the weekend. If referees refuse to act, permission is given to use former players and if such are unavailable, players of the competing teams will be pressed into service.

Indiana a Target

Indiana Flooring was the target of some tongue lashing from the head of the league. It came in overruling a protest entered by the New York floormakers in regard to a game won by Brooklyn, 3 to 2. The game was unfinished following a rumpus participated in by Indiana players with five minutes more to go. Another protest brought by the New York Giants in regards to a game with Boston was set aside pending further investigation.

To Split Gate Proceeds, 90-10

One important piece of legislation drafted has to do with the gate split in future games. Heretofore the home club took the entire gate. The percentage basis on which the clubs will operate will be 90 and 10 in the future. Bethlehem has a special working agreement in which its basis of percentage in games away from home is higher than any other club.

With Brooklyn scheduled to meet the United Ulster, champions of Canada, in Brooklyn next Saturday and other development which would conflict in a Sunday game there, the Bethlehem management is contemplating playing the national champions in Trenton next Sunday. Definite word will be received within a day or two.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club