The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Wednesday, November 17, 1926
Captain Carnihan and McDonald Not Booked to Play on Saturday

Although successful in both games played against Providence this season, the Bethlehem soccer management is quite concerned over the invasion of the clam diggers for the American Soccer League game here on Saturday afternoon, due to conditions brought about by injury and illness.

That Bethlehem will make every effort to field its strongest club is a foregone conclusion with the league leadership in the balance but that it will be handicapped by the absence of several of the first call players is also certain While the players are gradually mending into shape there are some who it is positive will not be ready for the starting whistle of the referee on Saturday afternoon.

Carnihan Out of Game

The most drastic change will probably be seen in the halfback line where Robert MacGregor will be the only regular and will be shifted out of his position to take Captain Carnihan’s place at center half. The fighting captain is nursing an injured muscle in his side and will in all likelihood remain on the bench. McDonald too is slow in getting back to his normal condition, due to an injury several weeks ago, and much as the management would like to use him it is deemed advisable to keep him idle for a longer rest.

The present outlay indicates that Tom Raeside will get back into harness for one of the half back positions with the versatile Andy Raeside at the other.

Archie Stark, who was threatened with the grippe, is gradually recuperating and able to be about. But Stark too is definitely out for the Saturday game. It is unusual to see the team lineup without Stark, who due to his sturdy physique has stood up well under the hard schedule played. The cold which is keeping him idle was contracted following the game played in Canada.

The problem of the forward line will be solved by playing Tom Gillespie at the center position. Gillespie has given a creditable performance in that position in several games, being shifted to the pivot berth when the club experimented by playing Stark at inside right Gillespie will be flanked by veterans in Johnny Granger and George Jaap comprising the right wing and George Forrest and Malcolm Goldie, the left side.

Against Bethlehem, Providence a club which as recently as last week defeated the strong New York Giants, has had ill success against Bethlehem and will no doubt welcome [REMAINDER OF TEXT MISSING]

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club