The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, November 18, 1919
Soccer Notes

Indebted to a large extend to the prowess of their goalkeeper, Renzulli, who saved a penalty kick besides many other difficult shots, the Robins Dry Dock soccer eleven defeated the Federal Shipyards team of Newark by 3 goals to 2 in a hotly contested game at Todd Field in Brooklyn yesterday, and thereby retained the lead in the National Football League with a record of six victories in secession.

Philadelphia's crack soccer team, representing the Disston Athletic Association, met its master in the Paterson Football Club in the National League game at Olympic Park, Paterson, yesterday, when the home side scored a well-earned victory by 1 goal to 0. The only tally came in the last ten minutes.

The Longfellows of Brooklyn took the measure of the soccer team representing the Viking Football Club in a New York State League championship fixture by 3 goals to 1 at Macomb's Dam Park yesterday.

Encountering the soccer eleven of the Erie Athletic Association in a National League championship game at Clark's Field, Newark, Yesterday, the new York Football Club met with a reverse to the tune of 2 goals to o. T. Stark scored for the home team after forty minutes of play, and Koelech clinched the victory in the second period.

Bethlehem Steel has been very unfortunate in the drawing for both the National Cup and the American Cup, four straight games being played away. Bethlehem's next game will be against Merchant Ship in the second round of the National Cup on a date to be decided.

Bethlehem will travel to Disston in t he third round of the American Cup. Disston is in great form at present and the cup holders will have to be on their best to win.

The Bethlehem forwards showed good control of the ball on Saturday against the Puritan F. C., the most prominent feature being the return of Tommy Fleming's great left foot drive, the drive that the fans were beginning to think had passed into the reminiscence column.

The last two games that Bethlehem took part in were of such an easy character that they are of little value in judging the 1919-20 model of Bethlehem football and the players will be well advised to remember that the real games are just about due.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club