The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Friday, November 19, 1926
Steel Team Needs Points in Game Here Tomorrow – Boston to be Watched

In spite of the success the Bethlehem soccer team has had in previous games against Providence, the opponent on the home field on Saturday afternoon, unusual interest is manifest in the match, stimulated by the fact that the Bethlehem team is leading in the league race that a reverse for the home clan and a dual victory for Boston over the weekend would materially alter the position of the clubs.

As it is, with the games scheduled, Bethlehem has an excellent opportunity to pull to the fore and more strongly fortify its league leading position. The home team goes to the post in the single game with Providence on Saturday and will remain idle on Sunday while other American Soccer League clubs are battling it out.

Boston To Play Twice

Of more than passing significance is the fact that Boston has a dual bill scheduled over the weekend and both hard games. On Saturday the Hubmen perform at New Bedford and again on Sunday will be away from home making a trip to Tiverton, from where few clubs emerge victorious over Fall River. The Marksmen will have the advantage of remaining idle and resting up on Saturday while for Boston it will be a grind, with a strong club to conclude the weekend schedule.

Boston and Fall River are the runners-up to Bethlehem for the league championship, and incidentally the outcome of these games will command quite a bit of local attention. Regardless of what happens, Bethlehem can remain secure in first position by a victory and it is victory that the players are aiming at when they pair off with Sam Fletcher’s clam diggers.

The referee question is still a muddle with no mention made of the assignments for the weekend games. Referees have been ordered to report and handle the games, and if they continue their strike, the league will handle the question at an early meeting next week. The local management is prepared to meet any emergency that might develop in assuring that the game will be played.

Egyptian With Visitors

Noted in the Providence lien up is Abdullah, the great Egyptian forward, who with Florie, a star Italian on the front line, are paired off as the right wing. The probable lineup of the teams follows:

Bethlehem – Providence
Edwards – G -- Nicol
Barrie – RFB – J. Lyons
Allan – LFB -- Abel
McGregor – RHB -- Renfrew
Raeside – CHB -- Ralston
Robertson – LHB -- Auld
Jaap – OR -- Green
Granger – IR – Jim Lyons
Gillespie – CF -- McLaine
Forrest – IL -- Abdullah
Goldie – OL -- Florie
The league schedule for the weekend follow:

New Bedford vs. Boston, at New Bedford.
Springfield vs. Newark, at Springfield.
Coats vs. Philadelphia at Pawtucket.
Bethlehem vs. Providence, at Bethlehem.

Fall River vs. Boston, at Fall River.
Giants vs. Providence, at New York Oval.
Brooklyn vs. Indiana Flooring, at Brooklyn.
Newark vs. Philadelphia, at Newark.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club