The Globe – Bethlehem
Monday, November 20, 1922
In American League Game on Jersey Soil Victory Comes After
Score Generally Represents Run of Game Sunday – More Accurate Shooting

Bethlehem Steel soccer team visited Harrison, N. J., Sunday and defeated Harrison F. C. in an American League game by the score of three goals to none and the score just about represents the run of the game. The Bethlehem forwards were shooting much more accurately than they did in any previous game and the Harrison defense had a hard time keeping down the score. The first half was scoreless but Bethlehem had much the better of the play and only the great defensive work of Ward, Fletcher and Post prevented a score on several occasions. In the second half Bethlehem registered in the first five minutes. Currie sent over a clever center and Campbell found the net with a great shot from twenty yards range the ball landed in the corner of the net well beyond the reach of Ward. Bethlehem’s second goal was scored from a penalty awarded against Fletcher. McNiven gave Ward no chance with the shot. McNiven also scored the third goal with a header from close range on a well timed cross by Goldie. The entire Bethlehem team showed class from the opening whistle. Kerr did his work in masterly fashion and the backs and half backs were masters of the home vanguard at all times. Fletcher, Post , Campbell and Brown were easily the best for Harrison.

Harrison started the second half with a rush but the attack did not last long and the Steel Workers were soon in the vicinity of Ward, a clever run down the right wing by Faulds and Currie ended in Currie sending over a center that Campbell converted into a goal. Ward had no chance with the shot. Bethlehem continued to attack and their close passing game was beginning to tell on the staying powers of the Harrison defense. Shots reached Ward from all angles and several passed close enough to the uprights to keep the highly partisan Harrison fans on their toes. After twenty-five minutes of play that was mostly Bethlehem attack and brilliant Harrison defense a penalty was awarded against Fletcher for a heavy charge on Goldie. McNiven took the kick and Ward lost sight of the ball until he picked it from the net. Bethlehem seemed to think that the game was over and they had a rude awakening when the Harrison forwards started an attack that was only stopped by the brilliant work of Kerr who cleared his lines on several occasions when the ball looked like reaching the net. Shortly before time Bethlehem again became the aggressors and McNiven found the net with a header on a well timed cross from Goldie. No further scoring took place and the game ended in a well won victory for the Steel Workers by three goals to none. The lineup:

Harrison – Bethlehem
Ward – G – Kerr
Fletcher – RFB -- Young
Post – LFB – Ferguson
T. Ingram – RHB – Rattray
Campbell – CHB – Raeside
Ford – LHB – Terris
Scott – OR – Currie
Rhody – IR – Faulds
McCartin – CF – McNiven
J. Ingram – IL – Campbell
Brown – OL – Goldie
Linesmen – Douglas and McAvoy. Referee: J. Cunningham, Brooklyn. Goals: McNiven 2, Campbell. Two 45 minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club