The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 22, 1920
Paterson F. C. Defeated in hard Struggle 3 to 0 on Saturday.

Bethlehem Steel defeated Paterson F. C. in a National League game on Bethlehem Steel field on Saturday by the score of three goals to none. The game was well played by both teams, the visitors displaying some very clever football, particularly in the first half. The Steel Workers gave their best display of the season. The forwards were more aggressive than in former games and the Paterson defense was kept on the alert from the start to finish. For the visitors, Mackie, Burns and McLaughlin were best, and Brittan, Easton and Campbell were most effective for the Steel Workers. Bethune made his first appearance in the Bethlehem line-up at right halfback and gave a good display, particularly when it is remembered that his regular position is fullback.

Paterson won the toss and Bethlehem was first to attack, but Paterson was soon in the vicinity of Duncan and the Bethlehem defense fortunate in the next minute forced to concede a corner. The ball was soon in the visitors' territory, Brittan sending past. Holt was next prominent with a good shot that just missed the upright, and another shot from Holt was well held by Duncan. Bethlehem again took up the attack and Garside had to save from Brittan. Fleming was next to be prominent with a good run, but his parting shot was poor. A determined attack by the Paterson right wing ended in Burns just missing the upright with a hard drive from 15 yards range. The Steel Workers seemed to play harder after this narrow escape. Garside had an interesting session but the defense held out and the Paterson left wing broke away. Collier and Galloway were both inured when they attempted to head the ball, and Galloway had to leave the field, but he soon resumed despite a bad cut in the head.

Wilson was next to be prominent with a fine shot, but Garside was on the spot and saved cleverly. In the closing minutes of the first half Easton scored a beautiful goal from 20 yards' range with a shot that gave Garside no chance, the ball curving away from the goalkeeper all the way. No further scoring took place in this half and the teams changed ends with the steel Workers well-deserved leaders by one goal to one.

Second Half
Bethlehem was first to be prominent and Garside had to be on the alert to save from Brittan, and Pater


when Brittan headed against the bar from close range. Duncan was next to get busy, a shot from Holt testing him to the limit. Easton carried the ball down the field in a clever fashion, passed to Wilson, who was well-placed, but the latter shot past and a good opportunity to score was lost. Garside conceded a corner on a shot from Fleming. The ball was well placed, but was headed over in a scrimmage.

Brittan scored Bethlehem's second goal after clever work from close range, beating both backs and then diverting the ball out of the goalkeeper's reach. Bethlehem was now doing most of the attacking and in the closing minutes, Easton scored the Steel Workers' third goal with a header on a well-placed corner by Fleming. No further scoring took place, and a well-played game ended in favor of Bethlehem by the score of 3 goals to 0.

The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Paterson F. C.
Duncan -- G -- Garside
Collier -- RFB -- Mackie
Ferguson -- LFB -- Hunt
Bethune -- RHB -- Broadbent
Campbell -- CHB -- Vandeweghe
Morrison -- LHB -- Murray
Wilson -- OR -- Vandeheyden
Forrest -- IR -- Burns
Brittan -- CF -- Holt
Easton -- IL -- McLaughlin
Fleming -- OL -- Galloway
Referee, J. H. Carpenter. Linesmen, Fletcher and Damblayker.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club