The Globe -- Bethlehem
November 24, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Letter On Soccer Jumping
That the U. S. F. A., is negotiating with the Scottish F. A., relative to the jumping of soccer players and the migration to this country, is apparent by a letter sent across and which is made public in English and Scottish sporting papers. That the U. S. F. A., is concerned in players migrating to this country was intimated sometime ago, even though most of these players who came across cast their lot with clubs in the American Soccer League:

"Here is evidence of good fellowship in football and healthy control of the game across the Atlantic, says The Athletic News, in commenting on the matter. As the result of a letter which has been sent by the Honorary Secretary of the United States Football Association to the Scottish F. A., there is good ground for hoping that the movements of players to and from America may be regulated before long. The receipt of the letter was a pleasant surprise to the officials of the Scottish body, who had hesitated to look for such a quick and broadminded response from the American side, where, very naturally, it was assumed that people would find difficulty in seeing the matter from a Scottish angle. The letter sent by the United States F. A., and signed by A. M. Brown as Honorary Secretary, follows: "Our attention has been directed to various articles quoted from newspapers of established reputation in Scotland dealing with the question of professional football players whose services are sought by clubs operating in this country under the jurisdiction of the United States Football Association. We are not aware of any irregularities and in addressing your association it is to express our deep concern lest any steps have been taken to persuade any player to violate the terms of an existing agreement. May we ask of you if there is any record in the files of your association supporting the charges made and referred to, namely , that professional football players under contract with clubs in the Scottish Football Association have been approached on behalf of clubs in the United States F. A. to depart from the contract originally agreed upon during the life of such contract and to negotiate with clubs in this country? If it should appear that the charges are well founded we would be glad to hear from you regarding a proposed remedy, and we are prepared to entertain suggestions along the following lines: 1 -- Approach of players still under contract in either country. 2 -- Notification by the football association in either country regarding the jumping of contracts, with penalties imposed. 3 -- Uniformity of laws covering movement of professional players. 4 -- Complications arising from possible violations of the immigration laws of the United States of America.

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