The Globe – Bethlehem
Wednesday, November 24, 1926
Bethlehem Steel This Year is in Lead – Last Season 6th at This Time

With almost half of the American Soccer League played, it should be interesting at this time to make a comparison of the performance with last season.

Each club this season has played at least two games more than hade been played by the same date in the previous season; Fall River was leading the league comfortably, with a percentage of .833, having lost but five points in fifteen games. Bethlehem was occupying sixth place, having lost eight points in thirteen played, with a percentage of .692. The goal record of last season shows Fall River in fifteen games having score 54 goals and 20 “against,” or an average of 2.7, while Bethlehem, with 45 in its favor and 15 “against” shoed a goal average of 3.1.

This season at this time finds Bethlehem in first position, with a percentage of .765, and Boston and Fall River tied for second place, with a percentage of .632. Bethlehem’s goal average of 47 and 13, or an average of 3.62, is decidedly the very best record for some time, and speaks volumes of praise for the defense. Boston’s performance of 40 and 29 gives an average of but 1.38; while Fall River with 44 and 30 is slightly better, with an average of 1.47.

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Better Games This Year

The bottom teams are showing decided improvement this year, with the following comparisons:


Point Percentage



This Season

Last Season

11th Position



12th Position



As a result of the past weekend’s games there is a slight decline in the tenseness of the competition, for our nearest competitors, the Bean eaters, suffered disastrous results in their two away games, even though each game was decided by the odd goal. In consequence, Fall River continuing its steady climb is now tied with Boston for second position.

In spite of continued injuries and illness within the ranks of the Steelworkers, which was increased by another casualty on Saturday, Bethlehem managed to emerge victorious in a clean cut contest against the Clamdiggers.

During the present week the schedule is most severe with an away game on Thanksgiving Day at Philadelphia against one of the most formidable home teams, and then on Saturday at home with Bethlehem’s respected rivals from Fall River. Much depends upon the club’s performances during these games, for there will scarcely be any weekend in which the test will be more severe especially since the list of available players is very limited.

One cannot refrain from commenting upon the enthusiasm displayed through the increased attendance at the games, for which much credit is due to the Booster Club, and in particular to the activities among the shop men at the Steel Plant.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club